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You know the army's doing it. I grew up in a household. Dad was a was a retired lieutenant. Colonel in the army we saying in our household close enough for government work. I think that and that wasn't you know being too glib in a way the point is is that we have the biggest challenges in front of us right now about distributing this vaccine here in the us getting to hurt immunity. And i would suspect it's gonna take a lot longer than people think. I don't think it's going to be the sort of thing that we're still going to be talking about this a year from now. But i think if your expectation is that we're gonna hit her to at some time in q two. I think that is probably a bit aggressive just to clarify moderna headlines. They are reaffirming expectations. Have twenty million so along the lines advisor. This isn't necessarily news. What was interesting though. Steve just quickly as at moderna shares did move up sharply on the back of that visor headline which now turns out to be nothing. New york moved up about five and a half percent off of that headline today. and what. Dan's point when you saw the market and you had mentioned al goes. The market is extremely skittish on any vaccine news or any vaccine hurdle that they're not going to cross over so the market has gotten once again. I had of itself. And i think look for any negative news. And you're going to get some involved in the transportation of this vaccine. And that's what you're going to give the opportunity but you have to be fast in this marketplace to take advantage of those dips that we saw today. Maybe you're gonna get an extended one going forward all right coming up. Take your because class is in session. Nyu's.

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