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An entire chalk board in your mouth at the time while you're doing it but yeah jimmy do it to repair his performance is not what's wrong with that movie you know a good job here remmy malik if you're listening to this you know it's cool buddy i mean i think it's cute their face a small anna and i'm glad we could bring up another movie where the director was like roman polanski just a cool dude you're they're real awesome guy living in sterling stainless life and not at all at destroyer of other people's live snow so after watching this horrible sequence sharing wakes up it was just a dream no way okay now we have a new a we have a new title card is friday it is the next day even assan track a this is where we have all seen at the breakfast table well what is it well she will void whatever boy check fuck you up is where i'm not very cool come out now a share and then decided to go get a snack from the fridge there's a disgusting rotting animal in the refrigerator of tools she keeps insisting there is it's a dead animal of course there's no doubt animal she's just imagining things to be there yeah she's right if there's any meat in the fridge there's a dead animal on their maybe there's some ham maybe there's some leftover chicken she's right it's not the dead animals seat is a scared of unless variance all of are fringes of dead animals and i'm like let's just let's just admit that she's right and be okay but okay i guess i guess i foreign firms you elliott on all counts face dismiss justice by air but i'm right on this case while we wait everybody's the judge oh wait i guess justice is the name of a judge not like not like the the justices also the name of the fish natalie says will be intensity of somebody who loves syrup okay so her friends were being mean to her they're trying comber down they keep trying to be like you're just imagining things or he's he's actually a great guy just cares for you and she does now she's not hearing it she while you're hearing it that is making her some at and that's true so she she's not she drives get out of there a strong at the bottom of her visions she goes and unless the aid of stephen v a groundskeeper stephen parents to a help her do something with thee like figure out what's wrong with e a stereo a they listen to the song again they talk about how a she explores he's fiddling with these stereo probably make it from just starting up and playing whenever things you're supposed to be scary a she she's he's like oh here's the thing this stereos that ominous yeah you gotta said it's a normal play yeah i every time i go visit my parents i have to go make that adjustment on area so sharing literally sort of gadget guy he's a real guy got she she says you're really in the gadgets and then says you could be a world famous inventors of and let me tell you about that we haven't seen his parents in a while and she and they agree that he should probably go say goodbye to them or something it's this really weird moment where you're like i dunno he's he's a it's it's a weird there's they're trying build a lot.

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