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Now. What was the winters like well? Temperate winters were amazing. Good like going down in spring training. I'm like this is like this is what I would picture if there's a heaven. This is what the weather would be like it's just like it's eighty degree if that, and it's there's zero humidity. And there's there's it's just perfection. Yeah. Is that what it's like a really beautiful. It's wonderful winters. Now, they do get cold spells and Houston, people are hilarious because it sixty days. Down there, north face, jackets, and their Patagonia, jackets. They get on. Right. And it's it cracks me up. I mean, you know, on the other hand Alaska it hits like sixty in everybody starts wearing shorts. Right. It's the exact opposite executive office. Just hilarious. Yeah. That's what I noticed. When when we were down in Florida people like guys are gonna be a cold front. What's going on? I'm thinking oh shit. It's going to be like forty something. It's gonna get down at sixty five. Whatever it was the coldest, whatever blows your hair back. Well, it's great to have you back. Thank you. We loved having you on. Thank you. You were so good during the Rams thing, which I can't wait to revisit with a little since now and get your perspective. And also what's going on with the litigation on that? So I'll bring back flash. But you're gonna you're gonna have to educate me some. I'm like seven days. I know I feel like it's a budding ESPN thirty for thirty. But we have the other thing that is at the at the front of the line at this particular moment, which you are back on which is good, which is the MLS suggestion. So I am curious because I feel like and I understand it. I don't fault the sports media for kind of being in the cheerleader mode. As was for the most part the case with what was going on with the task force with the Rams fair criticism of most of sports coverage. Yes, it's not limited to Saint Louis, although it might be more extreme in Saint Louis because it's more provincial. And a lot of us are from here. But I think you'd find the same thing in most places Elliott, absolutely. They're going to bitch about the officials that benefit the eagles. Or you know, I agree with you. We get some distance in the big cities. Right. And it's almost in vogue actually to be critical. Where's here? I think you can get criticized for dissenting, which I said do you ever Joe Straus, we asked you would know that as well. Joe Straus I said when he passed away in in eulogized him, I said he was one of the last credible. Dissenters in Saint Louis sports, meet night credible being an important word opponent UNES Wilkin descent, but you incredibly so so anyway with regard to this MLS situation. Yeah. When the board of aldermen pushed back there was an immediately. Oh, this is so Saint Louis, it's the loop trial. And if the end we're never going to get the team, and the and the people who are pushing back are just bat shit, and they're totally trying to obstruct this project, and it's not going to happen now for the record going into it not that you really care what my opinion is on this. But my opinion is Caroline kindle, bats, the Taylor family in the Kavanagh's. Don't get involved in this thing unless they have a pretty good idea that they are going to get this done and a team in Saint Louis. They don't need it..

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