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And so you know, it they didn't get it in time for the midterms. But they got it. Sometimes when you fight you win sometimes when you are fighting in an environment that seems absolutely unforgiving an impossible. Sometimes the environment changes around you, and it allows you to win one of the places that democrat Laura Kelly campaign for governor when she was on her way to winning the state house, one of the places she campaigned was in dodge city what she campaigned on their improving voters access to the pulse. Well, now voters access to the polls is improved in dodge city, and she's in charge of state government and crisco back is unemployed. But again ground truth in dodge city this next time you will no longer have to leave town devote like you did before. I mean, there's still there's still a couple of things to watch. Here. The case was dismissed without prejudice. Which means that case can come back to life pretty much instantly. If the plaintiffs come to believe that they need to do that in order to hold the county and hold the state to account right to make sure that Hispanic voters are getting equal treatment in that town and in Kansas. It can come back. That's what dismissing it without prejudice means. And if you think about it, it is still a little bit nuts that for thirteen thousand voters. There's only two plan to polling places in dodge city. But it's better. I mean, at least two polling places is to more than what they had which is zero. So it's not like that fight is permanently over, but they did win what they were trying to get a win is a win for one hundred and for the and for the voters in that town who are not gonna take it lying down. And it does show you that things change even in places where it seems like they cannot ever change things change. Kansas voted for Trump. I twenty points two years later. They voted for Laura Kelly to become the democratic governor of that state that same night that Laura Kelly became the democratic governor of Kansas. That's the same night. Of course that Democrats won control of the house of representatives in Washington. And over these last few days, we have started to see the substance of what that is going to mean in terms of how your federal government works how congress works how it spends its time. What it works on the first Bill of the Democrats brought up and held hearings on is what they call HR one. It's a big omnibus Bill on voting rights and anti-corruption measures. This is legislation that sorta hits all the high points on small d democratic reform. It would stop a partisan gerrymandering for congressional districts. So instead of having state legislatures draw the congressional districts to maximally benefit their own party. Instead, it would be independent nonpartisan redistricting in every state. So you don't have all these guaranteed Republican seats or guaranteed democratic seats, and it would be all across the country. It would make election day a federal holiday, so nobody has to skip voting because they can't get time off work to do it. It would guarantee early voting days for every federal election in every state in the country right now some states offer early. Devoting? Some don't it would established nationwide voter registration where you have the opportunity to opt out if you don't want to be registered. But otherwise, you're registered it would stop states from dumping registered voters off their roles in purges, like the ones that are advocated nationwide by Chris co back it would make the president and the supreme court subject to the same ethics and anticorruption rules as everybody else in government. Imagine that it would force dark money groups and super PACS to have to disclose their donors. So we'd have no more anonymous money flooding into election campaigns. When when the Democrats I introduced this legislation you always pick something to be HR one right to show. This is our first priority. This is what we want to be known for us. We take the gavel when the Democrats I put forward this legislation. I don't think the Republicans worried too much about it or even thought too much about it at first when the Democrats held their first hearings on HR one this week and the Republican witnesses just got roasted and Republican members of congress had a very hard time..

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