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They'll be using these words. Wow. I'm pretty sure he got in with that. That's the damnest thing I've ever seen to watch on. Ryan Calvert. Northwest news radio. In other times, I think I see that in the mount baker tunnel going home. That's a little scary. Isn't it? Well, authorities in Denver say slippery snow conditions led to a 100 car pile up in Denver this morning why it cessna telling ABC News it was too late to stop at the time he figured out what was happening. I was on my way to work and I come up over the hill on 6th and there was a bunch of cars piled up and tried my best to stop, but it wasn't working out. And thankfully, no serious injuries reported. You know, I used to live in Denver and I gotta tell you there was one time when I literally had to stop on the freeway and park my car under an overpass because the hail was coming down so hard that it was starting to crack windshields. They have some wild weather out there. We should be glad for our light rain. And the wind and everything else we're dealing with here tonight. All right, let's check on your drive right now from the dubin law group traffic center. Michael convery. You know, typically we give husky football traffic on Saturdays, but they're playing a rare Friday night game tonight and we're seeing delays trying to get into the Motley area. First of all, high 5 southbound is pretty slow now from northgate all the way up to the off ramp there for 45th. And again, we've talked about the westbound 5 20 backup. It continues. We're pretty slow at a yarrow point. All the way across the span into mount Lake, and again, that game is scheduled for 7 30 tonight. Westbound I 90 is also running pretty slow just inside of four O 5 all the way across the span through the mount pager tunnel. I 5 south now we're still seeing the lays down on the south sound area from essentially Tacoma all the way down into the nisqually area and northbound I 5 up in snohomish county is running slow from Everett off and on all the way up into Marysville. Our next northwest traffic comes up at 6 24 and with a southerly wind we're seeing now a lot of white caps tossing up against the floating bridges. All right, let's talk about the weather here with windy and rainy conditions continuing tonight. Lowe's near 40 rain tomorrow and Sunday, although the wind dies down tomorrow's high in the 50s Sunday only in the upper 30s to low 40s. Downtown Seattle temperature now 56° at 6 15, news radio 1000 FM 97 7 you're information station sponsored by Michael chute casino. Thanks for joining us. I'm Rick fan sized Bill O'Neill at the editor's desk along with Kim shepherd. On Sunday morning, we will all begrudgingly turn our clocks back an hour relegating ourselves to a winter of darkness. Now the Washington legislature passed

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