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One studios here we are in our nation's capital getting ready to cap an exciting week three in the national football league and we hope we've got one more night of excitement for you to close out your day we certainly have some stars out tonight at the quarterback position but jason let's start with the guys who are not going to be here tonight because there's significant injuries situations on the side of the washington redskins rob kelly starting running back out tonight jordan read starting tight end outside i mason foster starting inside linebackers got twenty two tackles in the first two games for the redskins out tonight significant losses for the redskins off the offense event defensive saw both as a boy does hurt their protect we all too often because they felt ballots last week where they beat the ramp leslie we were able to rugby football officially they went back to the old school washington redskins powerful little good account of a trace of power leader may think we all really see a whole lot is legally more they went back to the basics of wonderful august array of the good to win now losing rob kelly for the night georgia retail sitting tight end that really does hitler their chances at office than defensively team is not really that strong up the middle loses their starting lab backer razer foster tough the replace you'll be replaced in the light up tonight by will compton a fourth your man out of nebraska who was a captain a year ago and ended up with one hundred four tackles has not seen a lot of playing time yet this year but we'll see if he could fill it admirably for mason foster who was off to a tremendous start this year now you've got to quarterbacks that i too of the bright young stars it a quarterback happy lee derek car the young man out of fresno state at his fourth year with the oakland raiders is already thrown for four hundred ninety two yards five touchdowns and no interceptions red hot start this year for card not so much for kirk cousins who has been up and down but the redskins took a little solace from the fact that in the game morning drive last week kerr cousins was three for three it really manage.

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