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Nice to hear you found your way back home from the big city. A good quarterback good. Qb to can save the season. Yeah what are the odds. That drew lock is going to be in there some point. Maybe they're pretty good because teddy gets hurt. He's prone to injury and what if he does struggle. What if he's teddy bridgewater. He checks down hits his running back hits as tight ends gets a few yards here. You're relying on the run game. You're relying on your defense now again. Two thousand fifteen denver won this thing with amazing defense thing about us. Broncos are going with their fifth different starting quarterback for game one in five years. I mean some stability at some point you have to just have some stability like i'm not saying vic fangio should necessarily be fired after this year. Either because you have to have some stability at some point you gotta just let things work and see if it's going to but i wasn't nuts about the vic fangio higher anyway. I love him as defensive coordinator. I love his press conferences. I love who he is as a guy but he was never a head coach until now all these years he's in his sixties so it was a strange higher. The guy doesn't know how to call timeouts doesn't even aware one of our insiders told us that there were several days. That would go by colefax where he wasn't even watching the quarterbacks practice he was watching the defense and then he was asked to. George paint was asked about it at a press conference and then the next day. Where was vic fangio watching the quarterbacks. He's had probably there was there was probably talking to look at this man after the peyton manning brock osweiler year the year. They won the super bowl. Trevor siemian got start. Paxton lynch got two games. Trevor siemian got started as an seventeen brock. Osweiler got four games. Paxton lynch got two games case. Keenum started all sixteen of the games in two thousand eighteen. Joe flacco got the start in two thousand nineteen then drew. Lock five games brandon allen. Got three games in two thousand twenty drew locked. Jeff driscoll brett ripen. They actually. It's funny if you go look at the history of broncos quarterback. They don't even have the situation from latch. They actually have lindsey listed because he threw the ball kendall hilton. Kendall hinton is not listed as a start. He started a game for the broncos at coack. Qb they have a little note though an asterisk there In week twelve of the two thousand twenty season against the saints backup quarterback jeff driscoll tested positive for covert off. Denver's quarterbacks ruled in eligible to to be in close contact with him as a result Practice squad receiver kendall hilton. They didn't even listen. It's just weird So they they said this. Watch this colfax. But because the broncos lined up a wildcat formation with running back philip lindsay under center for the first four plays they did. Lindsey technically started the game at quarterback so kindle hilton's not even in the history books starting quarterback it's philp lizzy because they starting the wildcat boy..

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