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It is cancelling all departures thursday from boston's logan airport so certainly we'll be hearing from other carriers as the day progresses for right now major flight cancellations from american airlines as it tries to get her that the storm that is heading for the east coast of the united states on thursday us stocks advancing the dow the sp nasdaq all of records right now with the s p up thirteen up five tenths of one percent the dow up fifty seven up two tenths of one percent nasdaq up fifty a gain their of seven tenths of one percent tenure up one 30second with a yield of two point four six percent gold is down seven tenths of one percent thirteen '09 the ounce we've got west texas intermediate crude advancing two percent sixty one fifty eight for a barrel of wti i i'm charlie pellett and that's a bloomberg business flash i challenge thank you so much charlie pellett bloomberg business news flash you are listening to bloomberg markets on this wednesday carol massar along with pimm fox and this is bloomberg hmm three oh yes jeffrey cleveland chief economist payton and regal joining us from los angeles san of course he can be followed on twitter team cleveland are a team cleveland he got a chance to look at the fomc minutes anything stand out to you i think the other dory is being about inflation pm and weather policymakers are concerned about about him to be go away rate hike but that i don't think that appears to be the case i think we're going to gradual case rate hikes continue into 2018 adding four for the year so one per quarter makes makes perfect sense so the they did talk about the inflation story but i don't think there's enough there to uh to to change that view i have to tell you go brain dead i know we have to talk about the fat and what they're gonna do but i mean they thin so clear about being transparent and making sure that they won't shock investors not shocked the markets not shocked.

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