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Kpcc. Thiss is one, eh? I'm Jen White in Washington. Some of the fiercest fights in this presidential campaign are taking place in America suburbs. We got a little taste of this fight in the first presidential debate. If he ever got to run this country, and they ran it the way he would want to run it. We would have our summer Dion, our suburbs would begun and you would see problems like suburb Unless you took a wrong turn. Like no separate. I was waiting. I was raised in the suburbs. This's not 1950 all these dogs SOLs and racism, not work anymore. Roughly half of all voters live in the suburbs, but they're more than a political prize. As November nears, we're featuring a range of special reports that go beyond the traditional idea of the suburbs as picket fences and nuclear families. For our Siri's wide streets, narrow margins were visiting a range of different types of suburbs to meet the people who lived there and to hear about the issues that resonate with them. For our second installment. We visit a middle suburb. Here's one A's across America reporter James Morrison. Burlington, North Carolina sits between two major metropolitan areas. The Raleigh Durham, Chapel Hill Research Triangle to the east, in the Winston Salem, High Point, Greensboro, Triad to the West. It'll. Suburbs like Burlington are where deep red rural areas mixed with the outer fringes of bright blue urban centers. Meghan Squire has lived here for nearly two decades. Just cut will go through this intersection and do that. You get all the houses are beautiful. They're all kind of brick with nice size lawn. Yeah,.

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