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The whole lower the whole Colt behind face off is precisely due to Nicholas Nicholas Cage is acting in that movie the the peach seen the face off and you're you're trying to make magic with without the magician who got there so I disagree with. It and I think that if you were to remake a Nicholas cage movie conair conair would actually be a much better candidate for remaking face off right now guess hundred percent agree I again. It's tough to do a sequel. Obviously obviously someone dies but like there's a way to make it work because of the weirdness of what the story is and literal face off like you can make it work where they returned right. You could just make it where it's what was what was his brother's named Cyrus Cyrus geeks Cyrus the virus us in that prison with magnetic boosted he get killed or just make them have another brother in the recovers his face and he gets Nicolas Cage's face cow was his name in that movie is such an awesome name to it's possible to do right. There's there was a way to do it and it's just a bummer. They didn't go that route because like whatever like I know it's attornal fights comic books sequels reboots whatever but if you're GONNA do it at least that's my thing it's going to happen. They're going to do it so we do it in a way that's interesting for top gun right. Did they need to make another top gun no but at least doing it in a way that people are interested right people are like Oh you know what the continuation of the story. It's a stretch whatever I don't care like I kinda see it now. They could have done that with this like people would have. I've been interested if you said Travolta engage your back yeah Topgun. Nobody would give a shit if it didn't have crews and kilmer in yeah and and with with face off just look Travolta's fight but Nicholas cage is Castro choices. He makes us movie face off is face off because because of Castro Troy and would nicholas cage does here and if you take that out it's nothing it's it's it's a concept. I was trying to think of somebody who can kind replicate that sort of crazy. Where it's it's not an actor? It's not like a serious crazy right like he's not like doing the fucking jokers something. He's doing it like he's trying to do what is essentially actually a series act but like it's interpreted by the audience differently than I think it's meant to be portrayed and I am. I don't know a younger actor that can do that because I'm suing their cast someone younger than the Kate right I nick Shiloh buff Kadoorie no but a see that's like almost like mean territory or something I mean I mean Nick Cage. I don't think it was at that level at that point his career yeah but I know but you got to lean in into it. If you're going to be remaking cameos you've got to lean into it all right. Yeah I get behind that. Then based off was campy Faso's pretty candy by itself so overly it's like camping in hindsight I guess because it's overly nineteen ninety-seven super serious that plays camping now yeah exactly exactly that's what I mean. I can't think of anyone that could kind of go into that role and if they are if they were to go in that direction you're saying I wouldn't mind it'll Shiloh in who who's travolta whose who plays off well with Travolta own the shuttle in that the Travolta character in this movie is so vacant. I mean the the the way he was acting bosses family. He didn't have anything left to live for. Are you assuming this when you want someone with a better kind of chemistry right right. Maybe I'll just one nicholas cage. I just want Nicholas Cage and I want I want castor troy to be resurrected and and Shit Shit but let's conair would be much better because at least in con air you had you had the supporting characters in the other inmates that were on the plane with you. Yeah I think I think you could do. I think you could do cool things. Maybe making them different while retaining the same type of thing but going to face off is is is pretty pretty reliant on Nicholas cage and Castro troy in terms of that making faceoff I've agree with you won't cage back over anything else took. His face space came off people weren't he wasn't even like people were angry. People are like Oh come mine really. Why are we doing this? It was surprising I was this was news that actually took me by surprise because anything rebuilding or remaking it just accept it this. I paused for a second wow. I didn't expect that do they. Exclusively say that in a cage would not be in it they just said reboot from over the verbiage is so. I don't know if they ever specifically say wouldn't be back. Maybe not maybe if we look really into the details but it I think there are so many face ponds. It's like new faces that were I just kind of assumed maybe he won't be in it. I mean you gotta assume his agents doing everything. He can't get his ass. In this move Oh yeah and I don't know why the studio wouldn't that takes the move to a different level I would think I don't know I'm not a fucking studio. That's just my guess I just I I would love like like a story where somehow castor troy a cloned himself from you. Just you have different Castro Troy's running around green screen castor troy a loaded into the castor troy verse could eat me Peach. I mean I'll tell you what into the cage verse movie of Bunch Nicholas Cage Characters. They made a fucking being John Malkovich true a cage. It's not the worst idea of just people would freak out about it on a trailer and then we got an ad skit trailer for a movie that we made fun of we made fun of this movie and it's probably really fucking good and that's the White House for May twenty four white housekeepers trying to maintain their sanity while living on a remote mysterious series New England island in eighteen nineties. A Willem dafoe apparently is gonNA probably get a nomination for this. It looks fucking great like are I mean whatever like I'm we're GONNA continue making fun of this just because of what it is and how shot and we'll how it looks it looks pretty fucking awesome like it just does it was described in one of you sorry very troll as a lunatic dark comedy of cabin fever and much easement. That sounds awesome. It sounds like it's on Super Eight twenty four bill like I'm excited for this movie now. It's going to be great. It's going to be great Cedar Ready to live up to it. I will say though I don't don't think I put it on my top five still like I don't think I put on my top. I'm excited to see it. Don't get me wrong but like I don't think I put my top five five most at this point though we're running out of movies like by the fault that's almost up there. I mean I was happy to see jeopardy but ended up not living up to the hyper being number two on my list so that was number two on your list. What was it on my list yet? Chapter two was on your list and tell you what she wasn't on mine the cost they wouldn't Hashtag Hashtag it with wisdom has come out with the date. Dropping might ask comes out October eighteenth a month so basically a month limited did they do. They women thing. I would assume so yeah so we'll see we may not review right away if it's limited just out of availability but I lived in Montana's stuff you guys get one movie every two weeks so that's the truth the White House there's not much more to sandwich update that we're looking forward to it. That's all we got there. Look the fucking Nats Kendra. I've got an eight here we do. The year is two thousand nineteen in the losers club returns to dairy very unsure of what drew them there Richie.

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