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To the scene four others survived including the pilot no word on a caused the ntsb is investigating after a rash of deadly train crashes senator chuck schumer wants the dot reversed a decision to allow sleep apnea testing for training juniors when we asked the department of transportation why they've withdrawn from doing it they have no good answer he blames the trump administration's fight of regulations investigators blamed human error for this month's crash in south carolina the killed in amtrak conductor an engineer the westminster dog show begins today new york city here at the hotel pennsylvania where many of the westminster dog stay there is a fullon canine quaffing station set up in the basement complete with bathtub than lots of low diet reporter julie walker says more the freighter dogs are vying for the agility championship a record twenty nine mixedbreed dogs are competing this year the winter's always been a pure bred again the westminster dog show is today and tomorrow new york takata reaches a settlement with people injured by its lethally defective airbags should pave the way for the company to get out from under chapter eleven bankruptcy protection under the settlement a trust fund will be established for the victims to caught must also sell most of its assets to a chineseowned rival the airbags responsible for at least twenty deaths worldwide f five years after being hit by a drunk driver of former woodstock high school lack leakers looking to inspire others emily moments word of the day persevered a me now he is five years after a drug driver ran over the former basketball player and fled the scene the woodstock high wolverine received honors and maiden inspiring speech to a large group of cherokee county female athletes lomans injuries ron multiple surgeries a continued rehab and she had learned how to walk talk and read again in verse but she walked off on the podium to thunderous applause turkey has accounted doug turnbull wsb wsb news time is four or thirty six them fog out there to start the day the heavy rain his left was forgive his beaten on weather and traffic now get your denies for the.

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