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Com. We heard a couple of powerhouses and bluegrass music couple of women that. Part of that phenomenon has been described as the feminization of bluegrass of women singers run Vincent is still on the road. And I think she's going to be in Stoughton opera house later on you might want to check their web website. We heard are doing don't lie. Alison Krauss, but the rounder label on the map. They were doing fairly well for she came along. But she was there first superstar we're here to do dream dreaming my dreams, and we heard songwriter Cindy Walker doing one of her own songs, you don't know me tribute to women today on bluegrass. On here on back the country. Too much. I'm too much of a hurry here to get these announcements down. I guess Emily Harris was once known as the Neo traditionalist. She's a protege of gram Parsons, then she went on her own as you read it breathe. A great. Breath of fresh air into country music. She brought it back to its roots. Although she's going direction since that time. But at one time she was she would doing traditional country when nobody else was here. She has to do beneath still waters. Stew..

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