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You've been listening to diane horvath gosper abortion provider obgyn family planning doctor in baltimore in a minute she talks to us about speaking out against some of the threats that she's experienced while working in her field support for working and the following message comes from volvo remember when you could only listen to programs like this live on the radio someday you'll remember when people had to buy cars to introducing the new volvo xc forty the car you can subscribe to no down payment known ago sheen's one monthly payment insurance and maintenance are all included you can even upgrade to a new car after twelve months subscribe now to care by volvo the revolutionary new way to own a car okay back to the show we talked a little bit about some of the rules especially in other states that govern consultations in waiting periods what about other she's targeted regulation of abortion providers for example is that those kinds of issues affect your work at all well so we're all very happy about the supreme court decision whole women's health versus heller stead so that actually has already had kind of a trickle down impact on some of these states that have decided not to pursue additional legislation so trap laws are targeted regulation of abortion providers and they were designed as a way to limit access to abortion by regulating clinics way that no other medical clinics are regulated and regulating physicians who provide abortions in a way that other physicians are not regulated so for example there's a class of trap laws that requires abortion providing facilities to run as an ambulatory surgical center an ambulatory surgical center is far more than what you need to give someone an abortion pill so there are states where people were having to go to the ambulatory surgical center to have an abortion pill which is ludicrous other lives almost entirely outpatient procedure other trap lies required physicians who were providing abortions to have admitting privileges in hospitals within a certain radius maybe thirty miles of where they were providing abortions the weird thing about that is there's.

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