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We're getting close to break. Uhm what I will tell you is this I've been one of the ones that have tried to give Bill bar the benefit of the doubt. I really have what others would call say, Steve, you know, he's a globalist and and Bill Bar has done some good. We cannot say he hasn't But there's so many times and instances that Bill Bar has let me down and let you down and let the community the country down. And this could be one of those times because Bill Bar does have the authority and the Department of Justice to be able to inquire about the things you're bringing up, But I don't know if that's gonna happen. I really don't but Look, fingers and toes crossed prayers to God in heaven that the courts will see the truth that these recounts will come to pass. You know, I think we all witnessed what we witnessed. On election night. Trump was up by hundreds of thousands of votes. And then the vote counting stopped. And then all of a sudden In the morning. Three hours later, after the votes were stopped. All of a sudden, there's hundreds of thousands of votes for Joe Biden all around the country. Come on, man. I thought votes or stopped. How do you stop counting votes? Then? All of a sudden, you have all these new votes you see? Democrats, liver lunatics like Denny, who obviously runs on the I Q of a ladybug doesn't understand those things. They just don't This is why job whenever his name is Joe Basham, don Basham. Whatever the hell that hippies name is basically has a show because of people like Denny. Are one of his two callers that basically call and they regard to take the same thing and they use try to use these eloquent words and these big words and you know people like myself. People like you be seeing others we laugh. Because they think that they're aristocrats. They think they're elitist and they could talk down to us. But you know these people based on what I've seen of them based on what I've heard of them based on what I know of them. Trust me, John Kerry's They're not okay. And I'm not trying to give credit to John Kerry. But at least John Kerry has a level of influence, and these people just do not. They want to pretend that they do. They want to pretend that they're patriots. But anybody that smart that has eyes to see ears to hear know that these people are hateful people. These people have such a derangement syndrome for President Trump that it it clouds their judgment. It has allowed them to basically have so much hatred for one man that it's more important than the love of country and that's what's sad. And I think we all get it just like this young man, Darren 15 years old, Long Beach, California.

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