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Nationalism this is a person who has a racially charged view of the world that not only do not most americans find problematic the most republicans would find problematic for now mr trump is winning battles over what the republican party stands for but he may be creating a smaller party in the process and the 2017 in 2018 box will decide whether the president wins the war to reshape his party joining me now is republican senator rob portman of ohio senator meet the press trust me onyancha simple question how do you explain what's going inside going on inside this party right now well i don't think it's new uh you know you remember the tea party you probably remember the moral majority i mean we have experienced debate within our party again by the way the democrats are not immune from that either no doubt you've got the bernie sanders wing pushing back against some stuff the dnc he did last week as an example so what can in both parties they're very different points of view and right now you got a substantial majority of republicans and the governorships in the state legislatures both houses of congress and president just one so the parties in good shape but you'll we've got some divisions do you think that basically washington republicans are out of touch with me jordi of republican primary voters this is something you came to a conclusion of when you were running for reelection last year well i had a primary and i also had a general election that we won by twenty one points in a state it's considered a swing state because we focused on working together across the aisle and getting stuff done i mean i was not try by talking about it and and i was able to talk about specific accomplish minutes fifty bills being signed into law by president obama by the way and i think that actually is you know what people are looking for me and i was his home this weekend i don't hear people talking about the latest in washington they're talking about you guys gonna get this tax reform done because i'm looking for a request to ex cut you know i'm looking for a way to get my my my earnings up my wages up so you don't think the lead you don't.

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