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That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash low post. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Okay. Let's move to all defense. Okay. All defensive teams. There are only two of them and they are done by position, right? I will do my first team. Okay. And you will tell me why I'm writer. Okay. Sounds good. And I my first team guards Eric Bledsoe. And Marcus smart guy. My first team forwards are yon assistant to Colombo. And Paul George center is really go bear. Who is also my defensive player of the year to me. The guards are the interesting choices the forwards are all just those those I had four of the same five. The one difference was I had drew holiday instead of Bledsoe. I bless all my second team. And now, it's more. Just a I true has been awesome for the pelicans and thirteen has been a train wreck. And I just I decided to give him the nod their but Bledsoe's been great. And I thought long and hard about that one too. That would have been the good way to go. So so that leads me to what I'm going to to something. I'm not thrilled about an image is bring up my okay mail that I sent the league has less than oh, no. Is this a positional? Thing. Yes. So I'll hear from tip Frank that came tonight. I'm sure so I you have to pick four guards, right, right? Because there are two teams. Okay or guards. Okay. In blood? So or my first team guards. Okay. Drew holidays the second team guard. Okay. Is there an issue with that? No, not yet. Okay. I just don't feel passionately about a fourth guard. I feel passionately. Oh about a lot of Ford's. Oh that will not make the team here my here. So my first team forwards on all defense or Yonathan, Paul, George, right? My second team forwards are dream on green. Okay. And I'm rewarding PJ Tucker over Colli Leonard overpass Calcio com over Jimmy.

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