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It wasn't a what I consider real wasn't joint Qatar and in the train processes, you know vary based on if it was army, navy, Europe, air force. And then again, not like that today. And so I stayed in the when I call the train pipeline from June of seventy one. In till. I think the last school I was sent to was the navy underwater swimmer school and Key West Florida, which was run by the navy seals at the time, and then interesting spin on that the the, the school before that I was out at Fairchild airforce base at the air force survival school. And so you know, that's three long. And I guess that twenty one day process. And you know, I get back off that school and you know, I'm still recovering from, you know, eating anything I can see incite. You know, and inside get in and that I signed back into the unit, you know, get my certificate stuff to train in CIO and and they in the trainees, she'll looks at in says, hey, can you swim? You know? 'cause scuba halo, none of that was a prerequisite to to be a combat control for, you know, to be a combat control, you and you have to be Hayler school fought Norges. You have to swim. And I said, yeah, you know, I take swimming classes, YMCA, Illinois. I was a kid. We says, good. He said, we're, you know, the guys charge scuba gonna take you out to put the hell. Cheney apps springs. I was the name of the place in orientate you to to scoop because we're going to send you a scruple school one or Sunday. So this was like a Thursday or Wednesday. So they take me out to springs see like swim, and then they. Put a set Inc, what twin, seventy twos with the double regulator. You know, to teach me how to read, you know, and you know, practice, buddy, breathing and all that. So you know, I was, you know, in the springs there for I don't know, I guess now too. Okay. You're good to go. And you know, next thing I know report in it the scuba school at the underwater swimmer school, they called it that key west. Good, no, or all kinds of new things? I as a young guy, just having all this training thrown at you. Yeah, I think when you take a look at what they do to prepare diago to scuba today, the scuba training, the preschool program and think that you know and I, I'm not the only one that went through somewhere process. Can you swim? Okay? Yeah, let's make sure you swim. Okay. Yeah, this, your free on a double whole regulator, boom off you go. And that was that school was, you know, the seals program, and what was interesting is most of the class that Klatt my classmates were recipe or caress, train aches while para rescue, go back. They already have a what I consider a well orchestrated formal type..

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