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All right so memorial day yesterday of course when you're seeing you should know to the marine him the marine corps has a toxic masculinity problems says the website fox so they decided memorial day would be a good day to drive this jammed which is to say that the marine corps is just overtaken by toxic masculinity and that is just one big fraternity the marine corps if they're they're gonna fight our foreign battle they need to clean up in house which is of course always for any organisation needs to make sure things are good at home before they article executed mission in general that vaksince relying on this marines united facebook scandal that many of us have been following which is to say that there were some some unknown number of active duty marines and then a lot of like retired guys reformer marines or whatever or maybe even some nonmarines part part of this facebook group that ended up swapping nude photos of people without their permission and it created up a an obvious scandal but in the process has for liberal websites like vox sort dragged the entire marine corps down as this is what it's all about that this is a huge problem that they treat female marines horribly that this is the toxic masculinity any problem that pervades our marine corps and i would submit to you that i have a very different feeling on this which is one i'm a marine bratt my brother is apart a purple heart recipient he served in afghanistan needs a he was a marine and i know a lot of marines and my impression of the marine corps has always been for that matter other services to but this is just my experiences my pressure the marine corps is always been that the men who go in leave better so whatever shape they were in before they got their biological most of them leave in better condition to borrowed madison squads from over the weekend we're not we're at the perfect guys were the good guys he said mmm and i feel like if there's any organization that's actually churning out like wirthlin worthwhile citizens especially men people who are gonna like i don't know act like men hold doors it actually be like good citizens anz conscientious it's the marine corps yet you've got vox saying.

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