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To send in your suggestions for show suggests sutton who and love canal. That's gonna be one. show one. Show love canal. Sutton who love kyle backed with sutton. There will be the for the rest of my life i will. I will have those two just burned. Because they've been on my list for three years. It's like the dr seuss book something. Here's a who you could mail us. Physical items please mail us all your nixon era memorabilia to omnibus project. Po box five seven four four shoreline washington nine eight one five we'll critique it will rank it on a scale of one to ten we will Decide if it's some if it's one of america's Ten most endangered of garbage river. Garbage pieces you could find. Fellow future links in our era spy looking for the future links group on facebook or read it discord. Or what have you The best way to support the show however as always is with the patriots and of our tens of thousands of listeners but somewhere north of somewhere around fifteen hundred of them i think actually financially support the show every month without which none of us would end. The rivers would light on fire. And you wouldn't even know anymore. We are deeply grateful for that support. You know. Ken is a Internationally or rather nationally famous Millionaire count canada whereas but the thing about him being is a nationally famous billionaires that he really silos his industries so for instance when he and i go to tacos. He's like well over here. A millionaire but here at the taco restaurants. I just a regular guy who only has five dollars and that's how i away with paying no income tax. That's right that's that's how tough mc in is when he takes his band loaded out he's like well is this how he manages to not pick up the tab yeah well no duff is very generous but when you know it's important to him that when loaded tours they are on their own merits and so you know when he's in guns and roses i see. He's getting flown from show to show on solid gold jet but in in loaded he wants loaded loaded zone industry to pay their way but he also wants a tour bus because he's definitely kicking so it ends up. The loaded is always stretched really at the airport. He always says i'm doug mckay from guns n. Roses welcome to the porta seattle. He never says cagan from voted a band named after my favorite kind of baked potato. What do i say at the airport. You sam john roderick. Hi this is. John roderick from donaldson from the long winters from the long winters. Make sure you don't leave your baggage unattended on the airport concourse you. You should have one of those. I should replace you. They're like johns out of.

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