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And a statement to Gotham est a spokesman for the MTA said the delays were caused by multiple factors during the morning, rush hour, he said, the broken toilet has been fixed. Seventy five degrees, cloudy skies with scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon in the evening. Tonight, we'll have a low around fifty five degrees. Support for NPR comes from the group or family foundation, supporting NPR's efforts to promote deeper, thinking broader perspectives, and trusted fact based information, always with the goal of creating a more informed public. You are listening to all things considered on WNYC. This is the last day of our all the money in half the time spring pledge drive. Eight is your last chance to make your donation. This is listener supported radio. We need your participation right now to meet our goal, to keep bringing you the news and programs you rely on every day. Call eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two or visit WNYC dot org right now. I'm Jamie Floyd. And with me this afternoon. Our program director, Jacqueline Cincotta, thank you so much, as you bear with us as we do this critically important work of raising the money that keeps WNYC on the air for you. It's our all the money in half the time fundraiser, we cut the drive in half. We're doing five days, we are ending it today as promised the risk that we took as we didn't know if we would be able to raise. All the money in half the time. In fact, this is the first time we've done such an effort in our spring fundraiser and to be very candid. We are behind goal. We are not tracking where we need to, to reach our goal. And so we're really asking you to take a moment right now. Take a few minutes of your time. And if you haven't.

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