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Fagin of sporting news is with us as we talk some baseball cardinals and mets really the only thing that can slow the cardinals down. I guess right now is the weather scheduled c. Couple today ryan. What's going on. man. How are you. I'm doing all right doing all right. Yeah the only thing that slowing them down is the threat of weather. Even down to the tuesday night wasn't a whole lot of precipitation there. That happens fairly often which can be frustrating but Man it's been it's been fun to watch the pitching come round fun to watch the cardinals kind of i feel like turn into more of a complete team as this year has moved along. What have you noticed most about the way the team has Kind of I guess looked a little bit different improved. A little bit evolved over the first month of the season. Well i i think the the starters the last couple of weeks that's been the big difference you know what i mean. It's amazing how everything else seems to fall in line. When you're getting six solid innings the guy take involved the beginning of the game. You know kim has been very good wainwright. He had a little bit hiccup in his last start which he's been very good. You know going complete games. A couple of times This year. I mean he really is kind of a guy that You pencil amend maybe the number three or four guy into rotation and you secretly hope in maybe even expected he's gonna pitch like number two you know and he has the ability to do that and you know jack clarity's been better. I think we're talking about the biggest surprise released. The last couple starts from college martinez..

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