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When Billy Cunningham the great American the nightmares now and then I'm back face it is wonderful to be back in the tri state and there's no better time than having on Brian tome in about one hour to talk about all things about thanksgiving about religious angles about the how to live your life and live it well like mo acres doing right now in the Virgin Islands and later on in two six today's motors Gummo acres good friend congressman Greg pence of Indiana to talk about the impeachment I'm sure most greatly concerned with that and more but first live from the Virgin Islands once again mo ager welcome to the bill Cunningham show mo how are you I'm great Willie how are you what do you do in the Virgin Islands of anything well I'm doing some real hard work here filling in for Dan Porter Dan obviously has football responsibilities with the bangles in America so handling play by play duties for use the hoops pretty tough loss last night another game this afternoon and then we will we will come back and leave the eighty six degree weather behind us well speaking of tough losses we knew this was going to be like her in a sense a rebuilding year in a sense we don't think it's going to be this bad why are the bangles this bad zero one eleven they're sending all time records may be on their way to the first draft pick which has happened before without consequence why are the bangles so bad because they had a bad team over the last couple of years in the front office did nothing to change it and and that's the the real simple reason for the younger I mean look we can we could talk about American Jack Taylor and he is certainly not doing anything to make you feel like he is the guy that I certainly think it's it's a balancing the more experienced head coach might have eke out another winner to the panel have played in close games including yesterday but this when when when you when you have a deficiency and you leave it on a dress I don't care but the football team station I don't care for the business I don't care if it's with your kids and you don't a dresser and if it's going to come back to bite you and that's what happened with this team their defense was okay yesterday but they brought back the worst defense in the NFL we have remained attached to all of one you aren't that good you know I know there's a lot of clamoring for any dog to get a job back but they have an address to the quarterback situation but I think you could argue over the last couple years maybe should be addressed and then you compound that with injuries you compound that with the coaching staff at that time the peers in over its head and if maybe one eleven isn't inevitable but a really bad and I don't want to tell you that I saw this company because I think it's hard to predict the team's gonna lose each of its first eleven games but I couldn't find anybody before the season he thought this team is going to be really good so it's not that surprising to me that they're really bad one hundred center are the bangles this smart nice and explain this to me what if a tank this year get the first pick in the draft and then the no there at rock bottom then they make promises in the future about all they're going to do if they get more tax dollars and if we if we also redo the stadium lace over the next five or six years and save for the next thirty years and there's a sense the rock bottom is now been rates are they this smart and I said no no no no no no ranking king it is not something you stumble into checking checking doesn't mean you try to lose on Sunday tanking means you build a roster in a way that perhaps minimize your chances of winning now for the sake of accumulating assets for down the road the Miami Dolphins traded players the staff with players and got drafted the Oakland Raiders traded staff was players and got drafted the Bible I have been treated AJ green made in training Abby Dalton they can treat you know action they have been treated Carlos done what they will get the number one overall pick and it's my belief that they should use on job world there's good argument that it should be used on chase young of Ohio state but the idea is on top bottom out and merely get the number one overall picks the idea from me would be if your bottom now at least get something in return to bottoming out strip your roster bear and get assets in return the battle didn't do that the battle didn't do that whatsoever I think this is playing hard on Sunday you could say that your credit is active are certainly haven't seen the team the docking it when they play but the frustrating thing for me and this is something I talked about back in February and March if you have no real clear chance of winning right now why not get a jumpstart on what's next call it a rebuilt Cola taking call it whatever you want and let's move on from guys with meant a lot to this team possibly help the team to pen the better position we're now and give you a chance to have better success in the draft and down the road instead they hold on to all those players under those guys trying to win this season meanwhile it's not like they drastically improve their roster you have to go in one direction of the other I think that's the frustrating thing for me I I remember the red in two thousand fourteen intern twenty thirteen they'd won ninety games but it was a team that just was missing something and they spent the next all seasons literally doing nothing and I kept raising my hand going can anybody articulate for me what direction we're going in are they trying to win now because they did make the team better for the here and now or are they trying to wind down the road because it's so it's kinda turn some of these guys well the red gave me their rebuild your weight and we haven't seen a winning season what the bangles of done it kind of reminded me of that they didn't look at last year's team and go you know what we've got the core of a team that could be really good or just one or two pieces away let's go get them instead they signed lower tier free agents like John Jerry that brought back Bobby Hart they didn't upgrade their defense whatsoever so they didn't make any definitive step towards winning right now they also can take a definitive step towards winning down the world lack of direction it's lack of leadership it's incredibly frustrating and wonder no direction never works and I think what you want to see from this thing and you do it in Miami you do feel when you do see what the judge does have direction and for those who say you know take a quarterback is oppose maybe the best defensive lineman coming out since Big Daddy Wilbur's any of you do that but that they have the offense of line problems they have wide receiver problems they have defensive line problems they have cornerback a linebacker problems they have a quarterback problems in the quarterbacks the most important position on the field so why not what why would you take a star defensive lineman when did you have a quarterback who's not going to be protected about or who's their server bring Joe Berle you've got to sign two or three DOT offense of linemen productive maybe Ryan Finley and five or six years could look like Tom Brady on the other hand we don't know that maybe Zach Taylor is bill Belichick but on the other hand you don't have the assets and so you have to feel as if those in charge of making football decisions know what they're doing do you have a sense of those who make football decisions know what they're doing football wise what made my make the football decisions for this team look to answer what works at the end of two thousand sixteen season and says she's not good enough to overpay enter will work in a being the cornerstone to to really good LA rams teams including one that made the Superbowl the people in charge of football decision so take a look at last year's defense which was the worst in the NFL one of the worst in the history of this game and I took a look at it and said yeah we're gonna bring everybody back making the football divisions for this team had a chance to evaluate Bobby Hart last year and they looked at Bobby Horton said working to bring him back and he's going to be the starting right tackle it we we we beat up on the bangles for their upper tier management structure and financial decision making and I think sometimes unfairly for being cheap but these are football evaluation the Bengals have knowingly either brought in were kept bad football players now there is room for bad football players on your roster if you don't have them in prominent positions Bobbi Harker probably play in the NFL he could be a back up instead the panel said these are starting right tackle the battle creek sixteen and a half million dollars to Preston brown who is a situational linebacker they decided to make him kind of the main guy at that position football evaluation that's due to open that's the coaching staff it's it's upper management to to the extent that they're involved in football decisions those are football decisions and so you're right if you can grab the Jonesborough there's every reason in the world to do that he is by all accounts the best prospect in this draft and a lot of people say that the chief young is is right there within probably a shore thing as well but if you dress so bored that's great now you're putting it in the hands of the people who will ruin this franchise to find people for Joe burns road to find people to protect chill borough to coach him up to develop them home attachable homes enters the week I think it's terrible in the ring deshaun Watson gets entered the league yeah he gets paired with bill o'brien people who are have perhaps some flaws as head coaches but are good and and well known for developing quarterbacks do we know that about that cable now do we know about about Brian Callahan we don't know yeah for Menards crap job or if you evaluate him and believe he's deserving of the number one overall picks because you need a quarterback you've got to figure that out but if the idea is Rancho borough white our hands and let's go in two thousand twenty prepare for another season the looks and feels just like this one that will include your number one overall pick getting beaten up no I go in a pundit yesterday I think the CBS sports and said if they pick Joe borough is he going to go because there's been two examples the lie manning and John Elway where they were picked number one overall and they made it clear at a time we're not going we're not going to go to that I think it was Baltimore the others I'm not sure where the other one was but sandy and they were terrible franchises at the time and everyone knows what the bangles history has been everyone know who's in charge everyone knows where the Bangor franchises going with which is likely know where so the specter was raise would have Joe burrows says I'm not I'm not participating in this I'm not part of the.

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