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I'm Taryn Winter. Brill, We're here with NEEN. James. She is the author of Attention pays. It's great to have you with us. Thanks, giddy. It's so great to be with you. Good day. It's nice to have you with us. The book grabs you because immediately I'm thinking attention pays. How In what way? Does it pay off? Monitor early? Figuratively literally. What do you mean by that? Attention pays attention pays when you think about it. Attention is like a currency. They want to come back because you become top of mind for them. So there's obviously the items sell opportunity. There's the increased satisfaction schools that you get That intention pays. Also, really, I guess it's beneficial when you think about talent. If you're trying to attract and retain the top talent, what you can do is say this is the company to work for for these reasons, and when you're paying attention to your team to employees. They're happier. They're satisfaction scores go up as well and then personally think about it. When you actually pay attention to the people in your life and make them feel important, they stay around with you longer and I think that has some amazing benefits so attention Paises personally professionally and it's even globally, So it's across the board. Absolutely, and tell me about the genesis for writing this book in your personal experience in your background. Do you feel that? Attention in these three capacities really isn't being paid or it's not being paid enough. I think it's a combination of everything. I think we think we're paying attention. But we're not, and I've always been known for my work and productivity. And I always believed that that was important. But I do believe that you can't manage time 10 management at the window and that makes no sense to me. It's not that we have a time management crisis. We have an attention crisis. People aren't paying attention anymore. They're distracted by their devices. They're trying to be everything to everyone. They're trying to get everything done. They have never ending to do list, but they don't actually feel like they're getting anything done. Right. And what is he doing? Nothing is busy doing nothing Busy is not necessarily productive. You're you're in motion, but you're not accomplishing right? And I think we were busy. Like a badge of on that. Have you ever been in a van or a party or at work? And they're like, Oh, my God. I'm so busy trying how busy each other. It's three, right? Right. But what I do believe in is when you really gift someone your undivided attention, your relationships increase When you gift your.

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