Borad, Ron Goldman, Cohen discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


The thing that made him pomp and now he's working with o j simpson on something his buzz aldrin interview was my favorite combat that he wasn't that was an his only character um he had 3 that were featured on the alley g show is l e g bruno in borad who was probably the most famous three or it has now become the most famous of the three other here he is is paid oj simpson this according to the new york post more than twenty thousand dollars to appear in his next movie prompting outrage from the families of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman according to a report this weekend in the mail now what do you do with all of this to god's because cohen he wore wig and thick rim glasses to meet oj simpson in a las vegas hotel room so he's he's in kosto right he's wearing a wig and his and he's hiding somewhat i mean it's such a tough one because if if i'm the goldmans i understand why they're upset i mean in a way they're laughing at something that obviously is very serious to to them in their family their entire family so it's a tough one and here's o j simpson who needs to make some money now i don't know where this money goes as go to the goldman family could he's still owes maloney here no of course this is no no no no no so the according to the report quote oj would not even getting the hotel room until he was paid a sack load of cash saklat of cash is how the goldmans can't.

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