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So in the mid seventies I was madly in with the Minnesota Vikings of the friend right the Fran Tarkenton era I was very invested in their personal success you could say Mary Jo Pel is one hundred percent minnesotan and a voice that some might even recognize from the original Mystery Science Theater Three Thousand Coltie classic that got it start in many helpless which is just one of the many points of hometown pride for True Minnesotans Lake Mary Jo January Ninth Nineteen Seventy seven super bowl eleven for the fourth time the Minnesota Vikings have lost the big one I cried slightly I am not as upset as I thought I would be I may be having a delayed reaction and Mary Joe is not alone in her love where she's from as just about any local and they'll go on and on about one Minnesota is so underrated lake superior the Cohen Brothers in hockey Bob Dylan the largest ball of twine that's amandas weary producer of mortified live in the twin cities honey crisp apples which are the most delicious apples semi sonic soul asylum the Jayhawks at a bunch of bands that got their start here Jessica Biel which means we sort of get Justin timberlake but such cherish hallmarks of civic pride have nothing on what Amanda thinks is the area secret claim to fame T- next I mean what else would you do if you're stuck indoors for ten months of winter but right in your diary I feel like nobody cares anymore about me or anyone it's been this since the vikings lost to Dallas the twin cities are a big metro area but it really acts like a small town people grow up here and they never leave or they leave and they always come back so our shows are filled with family members will have grandma's and GRANDPA's and in the front row and our first boyfriends are I kissed and creates this incredibly fun sense of camaraderie that I just have never really fell anywhere else and that kind of hometown pride can show up in lots of different ways especially in kids like ellen so you guys have places like Compton Oakland Brooklyn they're all heavily represented in the rap game but I felt like Minnesota was really not well represented so when I was eighteen I wrote this rap about minister Oughta it's called Minnesota quota when it's getting kind of humid and mosquitoes getting busy if I hear you Betcha start to get busy we elected Jesse the body know as Jesse the mind my Uncle Board of forum just because he wasn't kind have you heard about are fair no doubt it's bitching all that stuff on a stick could be from Hell's kitchen if you say look twelve my anger becomes b-actor the next time you see me you'll be under my tractor isn't hot is it hon her no it's just John for go to trail of tears if you WANNA get scurr we're not fucking flyover and we got mad crops ask about my snow skills and you'll think I'm tops if you call me a hit go at suck my Dick Richard Minnesota quota but I haven't reached from the burbs bitches and I bust out the rhymes.

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