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Win. I'm buying the tickets and I'm only going to buy one ticket except holy. Niks I'M GONNA win. Regardless. and The lady set sitting next to me said, well, I never win and I go. Well, that's because that's how you handle it. You say you'll never win I, mean come on. That's that's ninety percent of the battle is the confidence that it's there and of course they won and I can feel I can feel when I'm going to win but it doesn't help when I'm doing the lottery I don't go. Oh Man I'm GonNa Win I don't I don't have that feeling. But when it's something little like a basket or something like that. That's really funny because years ago I was at an event with a friend also. And similar situation there was some Kinda drawing for some kind of prize and everybody got a little ticket and the announcer was about to announce the number and I always standing next to my friend and I said as if I was saying what the announcer was about to say I go oh one, seven, eight, three, five, and then the announcer goes Oh, one, seventy three and my friend looked at me and goes you freak me out. But it happens it does it's not like we can make it happen on command all the time. But like I said, we can feel it. You can kind of yell at when it's an a happen. What does it feel like for you or is that something you can describe? Just. Sure of myself. There's no doubt. I have very seldom have I ever one when I go. Oh, maybe I don't really feel it. You know then I don't you know either do you do or you don't right have you ever tried to like have a dream about something like whether it's lottery numbers or you know where to go on a vacation or whatever where I should go on vacation with always be in my dreams. I just making up examples but have you ever tried to have a dream to come up with an answer for something Only, for confidence alike, you already kind of know that you're just looking for a little extra validation..

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