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It was so much fun I'm loving every second of it and if we get rallies versus register at backlash, I'll be happy I think everyone should agree with me on that one right now. There's a lot of. People people are saying the wrong gimmick sucked and I think completely different. I disagree one hundred. And finally got finally role, we had to take t match between The street profits and MVP and Bobby. Lashley in my notes. It doesn't say what happened. All the street province defeated Bobby Lashley via Q.. Finally saw the street province. The taking champions actually have not match which was missed for many weeks. Leslie locked in the full now Nelson, but he was illegal man, and that caused the disqualification, right? What are your both on the? Theme of every single week. We're getting these weird. DT's that we haven't seen for a very long time. The whole thing with the Techie medway rollins, how rollins was q because he was not the legal man, and now bobby wasn't illegal man, so he got decode. What are your thoughts on these mortgage? LEGIT ruled that we're seeing being applied year some. Unwritten rules that you would say or unrecognized rules. Vinci's secret rule book or something right? It's like. When you go to when you go to McDonald's and you secretly order to make gang, Bang and everybody looks at. You like what the Hell is. Then a Bro. And then they bring it to you and it's like Oh. Okay, this this is. What a great reference! I do WanNa see more with these MVP bobby Lashley thing I also WanNa. See more black recruits because it'd be something that touches on the social conscious of what's going on now. And if wwe was smart, it will jump on the bandwagon and get it and get with it I would love street prophecy turned heel and joined the faction, but I do believe what's going to be be Bobby Lashley and then Brendan Ring and chain Thorn, which I'm all cool I'm cool with that and. And then Let's find at a mid card guy in their movie. Are I'm cool I'm. I'm okay with that I think rolls are good product right now i. really do I think they're focusing on four main storyline, and that's the way it should be. It's not really a cluster, fuck. We're not getting. A bunch of random matches were getting there focusing on the wrong story line drew McIntyre storyline detecting storyline. The woman's and in the US, so they're having some good they're. They're having a good structure for me. as of late, so let's go to annex. T real quick as we had Kushida Drake Maverick Jake Atlas which I'm skipping entirely because I'm so over this storyline that I wanNA fucking. Throw this out in the garbage Drake Maverick wins the triple threat match edible fucking people to go into the files of the cruise away tournament. didn't look good doing at all. I really think that Kushida versus looking Elliott delvin would be the dream. Dream match for me, but I guess I guess luck in Drake. Maverick cried and got resigned. I dick for this, but that's my personal opinion. He cried got resigned. Now. This is the comeback story whatever they show replay that actually that drake was tapping tapping out. do while during the pin so like we might be getting Kushida in that match as well, but we don't know one hundred percent yet. Kushida tow draped. Go Win it. What do you think? This whole underdog story with Drake Maverick because for me. I fucking hated. WWe are real asshole for doing this, but I think. The match and finish was pretty cool especially with the referee, right spot and missing tap. Thought the finish was a what what we're getting right now. which is a debate on whether or not it should have been done i. just think that it's a spit in the face to everyone else who jig released and I just don't think it's I. Don't think it's once again. WWE Not being fair, I guess because guys like Kerr Hall Curtis Axel and Curt Hawkins. Hawkins and Ryder didn't get that story line. They were really released so for me. I think, it's a spit in the face to everyone else, but that's what I at my opinion on. It we also had on NFC. We have keep leading me a yelm making fun of the Fucking Dinner Party. You thought that was funny. That was amiss. Is Mess huge? I'm really hating chiefly at this medium story long. I hate when they cook milk couples on TV and I think this entire are gonNA when Keith leaping these to be scrapped, I think it needs to be washed done. I think him and fucking rainy to be squashed done I. Think this whole story me scrapped because we are. We all know that storylines lines between realized couples never get over they never do. Do, they never will. That's just I think it's terrible You know really good matching my opinion. Shafie blackheart versus Raquel. Gonzalez was not that bad. blackheart loses gotta get the big the big machine over but I like shopping black cod. I think she's a a great future talent. She's like she has the potential to be a really promising baby fades. That could go really over with the crowd. What happens and you have a crush on her a little bit this. Just don't tell them right Adam Cole had a little zoom chat with really regal, saying that he's GonNa, face double team dream of takeover which WHATEVER DREAM LOSES? He gets no more chances against coal regal will pick a spot that suits both both of them to get an undisclosed location like they're gone on shopper match. People are saying it'd be a club brawler did with Johnson and Eddie Guerrero oa-to which I'm just over velveteen Jimmy this point, so don't mind me I'm just over in so some also chopper defeats Leon. Rough which you said as a rib at fucking Leo. Leo Rush there, Yeah. Jesse's at the Yellow Alfred on and I don't know I just. Read scarlet, watching ominously the entire time with Yeah, she's that word carrying cross cuts video promo after loving the chopping and carrying cross story line here I think scarlet, watching his as his manager was just so It's a so bad ass for me. I still doing a great job so carrying I hate that name but Whatever only looking and danny birds get a cool video like. THAT PROMO VIDEO, not their new founded. BROTHERHOOD IS A returning brotherhood. Returning Brotherhood their newfound aggression, and positioning them the challenging period they had the crowd there once again with the glass and everything also this week we had the the real real ripley in your versus Chelsea Green in Charlotte Fun Max, all four women pulled their weight. My opinion and she greenhut have hadn't had much chance to shine exceed, but the rumor is the getting promoted to to WWe roster tense. Y her in her and Robert Stone basically like cut it off this week, but the triple threat. for takeover was definitely promoted here with Chirac Charlotte and rea- Ripley. Ripley as as expected and finally this week we had the fight pit match court with Kurt especially enforcer. We get Timothy Thatcher Verses Matt Riddle in a cage match. We've never seen before xt..

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