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Thiss is big Al and Jo Jo, Welcome back Kaylie News Radio 8 50 AM and 90 for one of them, Of course, everywhere on the free I heard radio app. You know what I think about what I see. Dwight Howard was that I think about the very first time I ever was on the radio with you. And this had to be 10. Q. Maybe 15 maybe 15 years ago you were working You and Scott Hastings and love my man. Scott. I was doing the morning show over on kgo in the same building and I see Scott. Coming out of the bathroom, and he's like George, What are you doing? I'm I I don't know. He's like, come in and talk to big Alan. I And the entire conversation was about Dwight Howard. And about the fact that he had the highest shooting percentage in the India Ghazali does is that all he did was dunk. All he did was dunk and did you not see, especially in Game one? Not as much as in Game two, but in Game one. It looked like old school Dwight Howard. It was like, Where's this guy? Been all year for the Lakers? I don't think I've ever seen a better looking athlete in my life. I mean, the guy is just got. He's got this big, old, beautiful body. And He's using it in a way that I've never seen him before. He's He's got this this nastiness about him now that I've never seen, he's been the nice guy that smiles all the time, and, you know, But now you know, I think he is, is relishing his role right now. Of being the bad guys so that the Lakers can win the championship and like hand, said You know, jokers better now he's he knew, you know. Give that game game one of Dwight Howard give that game to Dwight Howard. Now game to you say we gave that one away. We gave that one away. You just don't leave a guy who's Ah 40% 3 for three point shooter wide open, you know, I'm saying is, it's a 40% chance is going in. That's just too great of a option for Um Davis to catch and shoot. And I think that when you consider How hard we found in that game in the last contest against the Lakers and making that run, like Like Like, Like we said Jamal Murray tips that ball, we get that ball back. Joe. That's game over game over. It's done. But we didn't. We didn't finish the play. You know, we always talked about finishing plays in football like to play. You gotta finish the playing hockey. I gotta finish the play in baseball. You gotta finish playing basketball as well..

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