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Did is as much as he could from the difficult outside post and for anybody that wants to file it away. The horses says that we're out posted pretty much had had no say here tax attacks to stock and lose ground every single step and that took a toll ultimately. I mean he ran okay. All things considered endorsed ended up fourth in here wins the photo oto with owen dale. We should mention of course the inside was really not the place to spend too much time again on saturday and and that you know more or less has been one of the themes of the entire summer in saratoga that the inside has not been the right place degree but anyway the you know the the the final result in here the end up with the three favorites finishing essentially what <hes> three one and two <hes> i tacitus and mutual gustavo ran races that you know a lot of occasions would have been good enough code of honor with a even real quality three-year-old effort at this time of year a honest legitimate fig that stands up one fire in this spot and johnny who is i'll reiterate from last week's conversations johnny v basically a non factor for for the first half of saratoga and then in the last two weeks has just come alive including that trip to del mar last week <hes> john he he's finishing with a big flourish rish year and it had a great day saturday yeah look. He's still got it. Whatever whatever the factors about the great ones have he's still got it and you still great and you've got to have a worse <hes> helps that helps a whole lot <hes> having a horse something when the one that moves when you wanna move but you know what he he still got it and along long young whippersnappers and back east. I mean here saratoga california. That's the number is this some talent but <music> johnny still got it and <hes> you know these older riders like like my john velazquez when they when they win the big races they give you the big lies they experienced. They've got they've got the patients. They've got the confidence the patients <hes> learning and experience to give you caught try and get it all all weekend as last week getting california just outstanding performance from him again but it's it's. It's really no surprise the fact that it that like mike smith right now you know you're not riding on that day in day out basis. You're not writing being as many horses as used to ride. You're picking your spots. You're writing certain trainers working horses. You're developing horses sources as she'll alluded to with johnny and this source. You're developing a bring them along. You work them. Learn how to ride them. You give them the best you can and that's kind of been much smith's <hes> modus operandi last couple of years with backwards you know with the worst and gets on some cadillacs and and make them better so i think that's where johnny is at this point and it's a pleasure to watch these guys. I think overall this weekend. If you want again looking overriding themes <hes> the riding was was was excellent except i will know this was an ordinance an ordinance number or starts arts with for horses that were contenders this week like every every l._a.'s contend. That was kinda getting off slowly. I you know it's probably just one of those days but it just seemed like that seemed like at the start art. There were a little during the day i just think that was one of those days and as you talk about this you mentioned smith and of course johnny in addition to the travers win also one on significant form and also of course <hes> jerkins. We'll talk to greg sacco in the next hour about mind. Controls win and javier castellano wins with come dancing and we'll talk to carlos martin next and he also won with animals time so you know two of two veteran riders combined the three veteran turn riders combined for six of.

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