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Mr New York. It's Mark Simone X 17 w. O R. They will take some calls. 803 2107 10 is a number says she said. Melinda Gates rented an entire island in the Grenada with a mansion on it. And Doc and its own beach and everything so people have text me. How much does it cost? $132,000 a night s So you gotta assume 10 nights. That's a million 1.3 million. But who knows? You may stay there the whole month, so The whole month. What is that? That z like 5.3 Million for the month. Must be nice to have 130 billion. Anyway, Let's go to David and Queens. David, how you doing? Mark. Good morning, Mark as pathetic as their respective commercials are. I do think Scott Stringer appears to be more of the Terminator as opposed to Chuck Schumer riding his bicycle. What do you think, Mark? You've seen the new Schumer, the new Stringer commercial, where he's making breakfast for his kids. And help him put his tie and cardigan on Yeah, His wife helps him put his tie ties his tie for him. And then it shows how he walks the kid to the subway. Uh, kid is like a little kid. But you noticed that the same height. It's this kind of a weird commercial, and I don't know anybody thinks himself out. If he can make breakfast for his kids, he confront New York City That makes sense to me. Yeah, but look at this. He couldn't put on his own coder ties. Wife had to help him and let's go to Joe and point Pleasant, Joe. How you doing? Hey, Mark, how you doing? I have a question for you. And then a comment on Cuomo first off. I'm taking a friend into the city in a couple of weeks to see the Van College of it. The tour ends at three o'clock. Where's a good place to go afterwards? This is a lady friend. Assume it's what kind of guy Okay. It's a girl, of course. Yeah, because it was a guy. You wouldn't care where you take him. So where's the Van Gogh exhibit at the Metropolitan. It's down by the pier. Appear. What pier? Yeah. That pier 66. I think down there. It's away from downtown. Oh, is that the Where's the Van Gogh exhibit? Is it downtown? The Whitney downtown. You mean it's down by the pier across from the bridge right near the bridge in Brooklyn? Oh, brick. Uh down. Do you know where that is? South Street. What? Pierce? I know where? South Street Yeah, No. But where's Pier? 64? Longshoremen. We don't know where Pier 67 is. What's the address? It's damn editor. But anyway, I confined in the cargo business. I don't know which pier 67 If it's down by South Street, you got the South Street Seaport that's filled with great restaurants. It's also a place where you could just walk around. It's so scenic and beautiful at the South Street Seaport. And for a guy like you, you sound a little cheap. I think you don't want to spend too much on this woman so you could just walk around with her insurance. But South Street Seaport is good. Van Gogh's He's getting back to normal. Uh And I appreciate your asking me. I know you're not gonna ask your wife where to take the girlfriend. But anyway, when we come back, Ed Rollins will be with us. Uh, can we take back Congress came it was the same part of the world Take back Congress. That's usually the case. Whenever there's one of these kind of crazy left wing presidents. They always lose the Congress two years later, But there's going to be the case that would ask Ed Rollins next. He's the expert on this, but first on 7 10 W. O R. Let's get the latest news. Here's Joe Bartlett. Mark nearly a year after a one year old Brooklyn boy was shot and killed while sitting in a stroller. There's been an arrest 25 year old to Sean Austin, facing multiple charges, including murder. Broadway tickets are on sale. Starting today Theater is gonna open September 14th at 100% capacity on clear Just how many shows is going to be ready to return them. You pull shows Eric Adams, pulling ahead of Andrew Yang in the race for mayor by a margin of 21 to 18% Yang had led since he entered the race and President Biden travels the Louisiana today to promote his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. He'll visit a 70 year old bridge that is past its expected lifetime. Next updated noon breaking news one. Start your day with Len Burman and Michael Riedel in the morning 6 to 10 tomorrow. I'm Joe Bartlett on 7 10 W mostly sunny will get up into the mid sixties this afternoon with a north westerly breeze. Few clouds this evening than skies clear tonight. Low 48.

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