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Here's where things stand. Republican Mike Garcia, who won the seat in a special election in May, has 169,000 and 60 votes. Democrat Kristie Smith has 168,660 a difference of just 600 votes, but that is growing difference in favor of Garcia. Now this is not the final count. There are reportedly around 2500 votes still two counts. Statement, Garcia said victory is clear, with only a few remaining balance to count. But Smith is not conceding, claiming Garcia's announcement is premature. Disrespectful and dangerous. City is to take out nineties reporter Tom wait. A 25th district, one of just four House races nationwide that have yet to be called by the AP. Another one of those races is the San Joaquin Valley were Republican Davidov doll of a Lotto. Maintains a 1618 vote lead over Democratic incumbent TJ Cox. Woman is dead after being hit by a car on the Riverside Freeway in and a hot woman apparently got out of her car following an accident with another vehicle happen to the Euclid Street exit about three o'clock in the morning. Pastor sitting in the second car saw the whole thing happened. They say she was walking in between lanes when a black Mercedes hitter CHP is investigating. Like county sheriff's deputies been charged with committee rape and sexual assault during an off duty encounter with a woman two years ago. You know, let's attack involving Jason Lady occurred at his home on October 24th 2018. He made a brief court appearance on Friday and is scheduled to be arraigned on January. 15th. According to the L A times he's been placed on leave could face up to 16 years to state prison. If he's convicted Roadwork in Pomona on the westbound 10 will give you an update on that coming up in four minutes. It's 6 11. What could help you take advantage of today's low mortgage rates and save money Rocket can you could save hundreds of dollars every month by refinancing with rocket mortgage at today's near historic low rates. If your current.

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