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Dr. And without any further ado, we go out to the practice field where joining us is reporter Maddy blab to give us the low down on what's going down on the grass field and we can already hear the tunes. Matty. What do we got? Yeah, guys, I'm trying to get away. Come on, people speakers. I can barely hear you. But as you can hear outside, we've got a lot of music going. Got the DJs here. Apprentice made so many camp is in coal go right now, and I'm checking out the defensive lineman as we think it's good to see Star back and a part of this. Roger. Good to see guys like Jerry Hughes back as well as the defensive line group is looking like it has some death, especially at the Defensive end position has. Is there any anybody at all who you can tell is not at mandatory minicamp. I'm thinking it's 100% participation here today. Sean McDermott was asked about a couple of guys who would or would not be at training camp, and he said that star was here. He said that Jerry was here, He said Mario Addison would be here. I was taking attendance and almost through the entire roster, but it looks like everybody is here. For the next three days at mini camp. We've got a couple of guys in red Today we've got Reggie Gillian is in red Zack Moss. It's in Red. Cody's board is in red and Josh Thomas. The safety is also in red. From what I can tell right now. All right, so noncontact jerseys for them. One guy who was, um in a red noncontact jersey at least early In the off season workouts. Uh, I believe was Isaiah Hodgins. So he is no longer in a Red jersey Is that correct? I believe so. I have not gotten to all the wide receivers yet. Honestly, there okay far away from us today, So I haven't got my eyes on Isaiah get but I don't think he's in run because I pretty much pointed out all the red jerseys now, Okay, your quarterback and you're special teamers. Alright. So, Matty just curious since you were on the call with coach McDermott today, Uh, I know Steve and I We really weren't surprised when coach said that stars got some catching up to do. He's been away from the team for over a year. Even veteran players have to kind of re acclimate themselves to football. What did you make of coaches? Comments on star today? Yeah, I made up. Of course, this guy is going to take a couple days to give re acclimated and Sean McDermott said. It's going to go beyond these mini camp days for him getting back into it and used to playing with an NFL team after opting opting out this past season, But one thing that Sean said that I think it's good for us to remember, as he said, it's good that him and Eric Washington are reunited. Eric Washington came from the Carolina Panthers. So did Star low to lately. So it's nice that they do have that connection and that Eric Washington does have crossed over with a couple players who came from the Carolina Panthers that are now on the Buffalo Bills. So he's familiar with some of these players. Some of these Flyers are familiar with what type of C and he likes to run and just how he likes to coach of his defensive line, So I think that's one thing that will make star feel a bit more comfortable. As he moves into getting adjusted and getting back in with the defensive line. No matter you've been you've seen star low to lay for, you know, before he opted out before this last year. Now he's back in And there was a lot of talk when they saw the workout videos that he didn't look as thick as we remember him looking. What do you think? What is your sense you the first time he laid eyes on him after he'd been gone. And you remember what he looked like on the practice field two years ago. Do you notice any change at all in his build? Um, yeah, looking at him today. He definitely does was a little bit skinnier and slimmer. He's someone who was a safe either at that defensive tackle position and he looks slim down. It will be interesting to see how he fits into that role with a slimmer body. I don't know if isn't something that the coaching staff wanted him to do or something that needs to get on his own during this past year training on his own, But yes, this is someone that the defensive line this this past season they missed his presence. Ed Oliver had to take up a lot of his responsibilities, so it'll it'll be great to have him back on this Roger and helping with the interior of that defensive line, because that time that's where the defensive line needed the most. How black season. Maddie, let's move on to cornerbacks. I know you asked a question of coach McDermott about cornerbacks today and I thought he had a very interesting answer in terms of being able to get a good evaluation. On young cornerbacks because of the veteran receivers they're going to have to face in practice this week and in training camp. Yeah, it's nice that we have such a talented wide receiver corps. Right young cornerbacks. Welcome to the NFL. You're going to go up against guys like Stefon Diggs, Cole Beasley, Gabriel Day that Emmanuel Sanders No big deal. Um, so it'll be interesting to see some of these younger corners we have on our roster right now how they Are able to go up against some of the most talented receivers in the NFL and let alone also see guys like Levi Wallace, Dane Jackson, Sean McDermott was asked about those two in particular and the competition that could be heating up between those two as we do many campers and then head into training camp of those are two players that had in time last year course believe I. Wallace had more and earned that starting position, believe I was hurt a little bit. Last year, Jane Jackson came in claiming five games had that one. Interception, and I spoke about this earlier on some videos that will be released as we count down to training camp. And he's someone who has a lot of potential in someone who had the Bills stand base is excited about Dane Jackson, just the youth and what he has to offer in those instincts when he's on the field. And as we as we move down the list and you see the corners, we went to defensive back. What about those guys that are going to run the football? The running backs? You know, Uh, you mentioned Zach Moss is in a Red jersey. Still, he was in a Red jersey has been since the beginning of the O T. A s, Uh, What about the running back to the other end of the field where you know Zack Moss, Devin Singletary and Matt Brita who we're getting a look at for the first time. Mm. Yeah. Zach Masters at lost during. Okay, guys. We really didn't see him at all on the field. He was off to the side doing some field work. He's actually on the bike right now, so hoping that we do get to see and do a little bit more during minicamp. Sean Muktar had said he would do some field work during the next three days. Of course, he left the season early and had an ankle injury had to get surgery that Sean McDermott has commented on how well he has taken to doing all the rehab. He spent a lot of the Off season in Buffalo to focus on rehabbing back from that ankle injury. I think that speaks to his maturation at an early age in the NFL, so hoping we get to see a look at him because I don't feel like he got. He got a true first season in the NFL after leaving early because of that injury and then Devin Singletary. Sean McDermott also commented on Devon single pair in the work that he's been doing this offseason to just be a better running back as a whole, said he really likes what he's been able to do and bring back Um, sure, the practice field here. It's obvious that you can see in his body makeup that this guy has spent some time in the weight room with how he's looking now And then, Of course, you have bad Brita veteran running back who had some success with the San Francisco 49 ers, not necessarily with the Miami Dolphins. He got beat out, but this is a running back group that that we could rotate through. Sean McDermott, Brandon beans Do not like the idea of a feature back at least when they're asked about it by media. They look at it more as a running back by committee type of situation and Brian Table had said. You know, the guy who's behind Josh Allen is the guy who's playing best at that point, so it'll be cool to see you. Hopefully these three exact nonsense It's going to do something. Field work. I'm excited to see how the three of them share the ball and how the three of them looked when they do get some time together, whether that's an 11 on love van or whether that's an individual drills this week, and I know we're scheduled to hear from Josh Allen later today. I know the Blue Jays in the Bills announced that he'll be throwing out.

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