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Palm Beach county state attorney for pressuring them to downgrade the charges were dropped the case altogether this is NPR Louisiana officials are keeping an eye on the storm that could deliver a foot of rain on Monday coastal floods that used to only happen during storms are happening more more often on sunny days NPR's Rebecca Herscher reports sealevel rise is to blame global warming is causing the oceans to get higher that means all it can take as a stiff breeze blowing in land or a particularly high tides to push water on to roads and into sewers in basements the national oceanic and atmospheric administration tracks so called sunny day flooding a new report finds that twelve places set records last year for the most days with high tide flooding most were on the east coast from Boston down to New York City Baltimore Washington DC Norfolk Virginia and Charleston South Carolina the Gulf coast in parts of California and Washington state were also affected and scientists warn the trend is accelerating in many places they say in the next two decades many coastal areas will be dealing with chronic ocean flooding if they do not change where and how they build buildings roads and infrastructure Rebecca her sure NPR news a violent storm in the north of Greece near the northern city of Thessaloniki has left at least six dead and dozens hurt authorities say the storm hit late last night trees and power towers fell roads were blocked electricity was out to the fatalities occurred when winds overturned their vehicle I'm Louise Schiavone and P. Arnie St live in San Francisco I'm Dave Freeman I'm KQ we day coming up on morning edition California is set to become the first state to offer Medicaid to young adults who are undocumented that story ahead from morning edition and NPR and penny Nelson has more California coverage on the California reported five fifty one and wildfires seem to dominate California's.

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