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The thing. That's especially troubling about this movie is that it is appropriate for children. So like kids are seeing this. And they're like, oh, that's how you ask a woman out you wear her down Antill. She finally says, yes. And then that works, and that's yeah. I mean, it's a lot of it is it's like super tropy, and I would almost attributed to bad writing. But it's bad writing. Because so many people that are already done. Freaky? Not good relationship that teaches you to not respect what a woman telling you. I don't think I mean, I don't think it's a badly written movie. I think but I do. Yeah. I mean, I do think that there were I think those kind of thing at the time. I mean, maybe I'm also defending it because it was a Jewish man who wrote this, and I like feel for my fellow Jewish film people making and being in Christmas movies about now I feel like it was just kind of a weird common trope at the time. The early two thousands. There was just this huge plethora of romantic comedies, and that was in like every single one of them. Well, this is the year worn down. I'm pretty sure this is the same year is love actually comes out of actually. And I think the notebook too. Yeah. All in the same year that these come out. So that's not the greatest, and I don't know. I mean, I don't think badly written movie. I think that that the romantic plot was not written very thoughtfully. Because there is a version of this story that Zoe. Nationals character goes on to do anything else. Other than show up in the last scene and be like. Zoe X mocking. Yeah. So so in that way, it just if you take her character out of the movie how much changes I feel like buddies character changes enough just with his own family that you can sort of get to the same place which just to me is like well, and she's not given enough to do. And she's just so under written as a character that when he does ask her out we she says. Yes, but we don't know why. Because she's so underwritten that she has nothing in common with him because we don't know anything about her. And then okay. I wanna talk about the scene where he does ask her out because his brother is with him this twelve year old kid, and he's like, hey, buddy asked her out on a date to eat food. And if she says, yes, you're in it's like a secret code girls have and I think that's meant to be a joke. But yeah, but it's implying that a woman saying, yes, aka giving consent is code for. Yes. I guess means. Yes, I guess I don't know like might not be code. I was like trying to process is this meant to be like a really funny joke or is it just like look at this dumb kid who doesn't understand like dating yet. But like this is like what are weird line dad into the movie? I do think that that was supposed to be a joke in like whole like Michael's like the child has beyond his years, and he's gonna show buddy. How to because I'm like because Michaels dating all the time. He's twelve. Well, I mean, that's kind of the theme of the movie, I feel like that's theme of a lot of Christmas movies is is the innocent will lead us, and there's this message of maintain that childhood innocence. And also just believe it's interesting to me that so many Christmas movies. Have the message of just believe in everything will come to you. You know, it's this just believe and believe in Santa Claus. And I always thought that was kind of weird from an outsider's perspective. You know, once I was old enough to take a look at that. You know, people would point that out let Christmas movie that I was in. I was like, yeah. I guess it is kind of weird that you are telling children the message here is like over and over again believe believe believe believe and then later on it's like oh. By the way, that's a lie, by the way. That's not true..

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