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Drugs oxycontin specifically what's going on with Purdue pharma one of the companies that has made billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars promoting and pushing out oxycontin not following the rules about it are not you know reporting people that running till mills for two years lots of issues with the way this company was run. and now they're looking at a bankruptcy settlement to get out of the three thousand lawsuits cinnamon filed against them. I just want to see somebody held accountable I not financially I will go to jail. I mean look at it this way if a drug dealer sells your kid an oxycontin is school and says Hey man to worry about it's it's just it's not addictive it's not a problem don't worry about it that drug dealer goes to jail and yet Purdue pharma did that exact same thing to doctors and what. nothing Daniel you are online okay away what's on your mind. Hey Daniel. are you have I agree with you there are two bear some responsibility for the crisis that we're in but don't you think the FDA has a little responsibility themselves well of course leading okay thank you it drives me crazy to think that they can let this go on and get to such a problem and now all of a sudden have somebody to blame and not look at themselves so you know what frustrates me about that entire thing is that Purdue pharma is now saying well our marketing materials were approved by the FDA the FDA approved distraught this was an FDA approved drug what this shows is how broken the FDA system is first of all that they're not they're relying on the science from the companies to make these decisions and the fact that the FDA is that intermediary between the drug coming to market and not allows companies like Purdue pharma too should try and shift the blame to the FDA the FDA can only act on the information they're given from the drug company you know I don't even think they have a scientific arm to to test this stuff out there just a value waiting what the drug companies are sending them. the problem there is a huge problem it's a huge problem any issues the whole system is a racket if you ask me. I agree with you thanks Randy no problem have a good one Sir Michael you are on K. away. I don't know if it's me but I guess it is. good and I heard a different podcast a while back that if your honor I spent over a week there's some high percentage of your on and a year later. and and soul it is a big given so if these guys did go to jail they should be given a dose released week then have the hell they go through withdrawals and that would be proof that they were selling a poison pill. you know I don't know about that. I'd love to know that specifics detest deck you know I mean I'm Freakonomics it was about some Surgeon General type guy the interview so anyway that's about all I remember right now also on a side note I used to be in for military sales Saudi Arabia back twenty years ago and we sold a bunch of hardware but they didn't know how to use it at skill pilots to fly I'll send tastic that's heartwarming that'll come by it would have been allowed to use it yes the Yardbirds yeah there you go there you go that's disheartening that goes back to our earlier conversation about Saudi Arabia like you are on their way. hello. hello so you know yeah these pharmacy. ability but so the doctor so the hospitals and and I'm gonna give you a prime example here my father with dealing with the severe joint pain back pain and what not number here. he was taking three Percocet three times a day holy cow. yeah for paint and my comment a what and I could get there in October after get exactly what and when he came home in the hospital they have they give you your on your drug drug on on a card the critic push cart so that they can keep track of you know what not and they sent him home which so many of these cards in pain killers that I joke with him but if I took all these cards but all these bills in a box in a bottle went out on a street corner and sold them I could pay off my car. sad but true. your own he he didn't say anything about it and about a week later I happen to be at our family doctor for something and I commented to the doctor about how much stuff with that poll then I thought about it our doctor gave his doctor would give you a prescription for the same amount. good grief. and I'm sure there I mean I I looked it one day at how much that he was taking and I you know that's about enough perfect at it take out of a small animal all right. is he still taking care. no he he's an assisted living now so they kind of physical control that and he's had some surgeries and what not kind of alleviate some of his pain yeah but still it and I mean I've had two major surgeries in the last four years and they sent me home with quite a bit of pain killers. and then I intensely took myself off of them because I didn't like the way I felt. I don't like I hope your pain killers make me feel very bad they they make me feel worse than the actual pain so if I have to take them like after sinus surgery had to take him I'm I'm with you how long how few of these can I actually take an end okay Monday. I involuntarily given up a third of one of my kidneys to cancer and they sent me on what pain killers with with exactly the stuff and I don't like whey fell and I am calling the as the assistant surgeon or one of the surgeons in that office thanks a lot what can I get I this is how I'm feeling a blob of bloody as of yet thank you. don't be a martyr but you could try and switch to Tylenol yeah. I salute those away the next on that was on Saturday morning and on Sunday after wave the stuff they sent me home because hello there just to find a job. yeah that's great for you I mean obviously doesn't work that way for everybody but I I. we're we're probably lucky Eric because I get no thrill and yet I have relatives who went from pain pills after back surgery to a pretty significant addiction because they don't feel that way about it. yeah and and that's why I mean I I knew what the deal was that my wife just had three major around stem cells and platelets in the last eighteen months bank side of it that are home with with heavy duty pain killers and the initial hunch after each time she stayed with her mom for a couple weeks just down the stairs and the last time after the stem cells I took the pill bottle I look into to her mother I think there's thirty filled in here I think you better ration needs bill I like crazy yeah when she when she came home five weeks later it was still twenty six still left in that model there you go. keep an eye on I appreciate that focal way as a side note if you have teenagers and your pain meds in your house you need a lock him up not because I think your kids are going to take him. but never underestimate what your kids friends will do and we've always had our pain meds walked up literally locked up in a lock box because I'm not gonna let somebody else's kid start a problem in my house Aaron it you are on K. away hello Mandy. well you know the years so when it comes to this issue it is the pharmaceutical the doctors in and of course the patience and the thing is though you as a doctor you got you some common sense I mean if you got for coming back to you over and over again to refill their prescription for these oxy did not flee I got it yeah Houston there's a problem I get all of that but we're talking about the now in I'm talking about when all this whole thing got started and doctors were being told lies by a pharmaceutical wraps who were told lies by Purdue pharma and that's what I'm talking about like how this whole thing started you're right about now and I think most doctors are now airing so far on the side of caution there they're keeping people who genuinely need these medicine medications for pain. a from them it appears pain of a big bet yeah you know I mean it's a big business in this culture whatever you know if you got. on the scene are you going to do what you gotta do to relieve that pain and you know I've been doing some research on pain and there's less than two percent of the federal budget. researching penny right we don't take pain fiercely in this country that's why people are addicted to these open areas there dig deeper what do you think about the vaping controversy but the Crapper what do you think you know what here's the thing I've been seein stories about issues with vaping for a very long time so I've been kinda sounding the alarm bell I I you think that if you are vaping at this point it's not a good choice and if you look at it as the safe alternative to cigarettes. yeah you're being sold a bill of goods that is not accurate and I think that house of cards will collapse as well do you think they should ban it or what do you think Lydia doesn't work I mean we only in times but ultimately I here's the thing about something like that. I think it will be easier to convince people not to vape when they're seventeen years old are dying on this and it's not you know somebody was seventy five long cancer it's kids that are dying from the stuff that gets a lot easier to convince people not to use it if the the fear of death is imminent and not knowing there was kicking down the road cigarettes but some of them do. I never smoked a cigarette my work but some of my fellow my generation the sum of money the kids that I grew up so mom did lot of them didn't know either the smart ones did Merrin that's smart ones Dayton. that's the thing be smart. anyway tomorrow I guess we should maybe do you think the capital thing will be dead tomorrow day because I got some Cavanaugh stuff on the blog today just didn't make the cut. I'm more irritated by Purdue pharma and Saudi Arabia I think it'll be dead but it it'll. down in popularity I hope so I had some great did you happen to see the video of the guy driving his motorcycle off the cliff did you watch I think no holy crap family so this guy comes Colorado in his ride motorbikes with his motor bikes is out of that yeah they're like motocross be like you know dirt bikes basically yeah yeah so the ride dirtbikes and he's on this kind of latch when all it is going to go pro once you see the whole thing he he's on this ledge and then all of a sudden he's not on a ledge I lucky for him there was a pool of water below he full fell like sixty seventy feet into the water survived completely unscathed managed to get his motorcycle out of the water because he didn't want to pollute which is very nice we appreciate you but damn I mean it's a pretty powerful Dale yeah I didn't bat it because he has a very clear this is the property of so it's across the bottom but I did link to fox thirty one story on believable so what happened he had to how did he go over I'm telling you he's writing then he's not riding very fault there is full I mean it's getting stocked it but no I would you know he slid I mean he didn't do it on purpose but he tells them at the turn around state of the right stay on the right side right Bellman Louise. no as a matter of fact he said as I was falling I thought of my kids. and I'm thinkin if your wife does not take away your motorcycle for ever she's an idiot we are not right now those crazy trails like that are you rob you ride your motorcycle rounding the now on the road where it's supposed to be written not always you have a but you have a comfortable bike not a dirt bike right it's called an adventure bike so it get dirt roads as well as pavement it's still a comfortable bike it is a very cool yeah right so I did there's for me there's like you know dirt bikes and then comfortable likes the grown up tried. just my body because of my old man by there you go I was gonna say that but you know he's not wrong. at all that's all the blood today so you can check that out but now it's time for the most exciting segment on the radio. what is. a word of the day is a noun and it might be something that could describe me by some people feel like we just got set up the words charming the word is. P. O. T. E. isn't that an old guy that donors. gorgeous fluffy eyebrows now now now now there's no fluffy might arise from Shakespeare and you want to take a shot at this is to have something to do with books with manta loves but I.

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