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That's good good yeah because you know it's. It's my honor to perform form and you know that that's that's why I'm here. I know it sounds very pretentious but that's why I'm here. I am relentless by the way you are. You are a hundred percent now now. It does seem like you know in your responses you have you have done a lot of self reflection yes. That's the word thank you that self reflection reflection. You have gotten to a point. I mean that that that stuff is you know quite frankly it it it. It stinks to go through that because it's it's not you know doesn't in fact I would dare. I say that I think it's that all of us should do that yeah but doesn't know it's not easy. It's difficult. Nothing nothing. That's worthwhile look at boomer. I you know he's been doing since he was eight years old and if he wasn't the best player of you know on every field is ever stepped on and hasn't I if he you didn't suck it up. He wouldn't be sitting in that seat. Your you know what I mean and if self-reflection was easy if meditation was easy figuring out who you are in this life was Z. Z. It's difficult because it's worthwhile biggest change that you made for yourself. You felt like this about me. I don't like I got it and this is. This has become something else so different than sports. I love it. Sorry what was the biggest change that we all right. Do you do yourself reflection. Yeah you find you don't like about yourself. You want to change. What was the biggest thing in for you. I think I think it's very easy I grew up in a household where both my parents teachers and directors and actors and so I've been on the stage my whole life and I think we you you put a a serious weight on on how you're perceived in terms is your performance the reviews and you know that's that's natural and I come from you know an acting family where we take it very seriously and we honor the space that we occupy when you perform so you want to be you want to be recognized for good work and hard work and I think when you do that too much when worry about how you're perceived too much. It's a slippery slope and I think that was part of owning who I am. which is I'm going to work as hard as I can be be the best person I can and the rest of it? I can't control and I think that's I think it's good for anyone really no matter what situation sure but I mean it's at times. It's damn near impossible all right because I mean really because we're gonNA business to where what people think of US matters with the audience like it or not or have some sort of reaction losses here like it matters so every day could show up here and be like I don't care what people think but in the long run. I'm going to have to at some point because these people are making making decisions on my life. You know what I'm saying like. It's just I don't know how you got there because I'm I've failed miserably trying to get there. I got there I. I don't know I get good days and bad days. You know I'm sorry seven. I'm still working it out and trying to figure it out you know yeah. I mean listen. It's it's a process all of us. Are you know Um we're trying to figure it out and then we're trying to evolve as best we can and be and be decent people and that's that's all we can you know really in this life and stand up comedy sorry to get back to why we're here is is an arena where I've truly believe it's right now especially and I'm sure you guys know this as well. It's really the last arena where you can embrace your freedom of speech. You guys like Dave Chapelle out there or speaking the truth is he knows it and you know what I mean yeah and he's getting some flak for but you know he's he's out there embracing his freedom of speech bill burr embracing his freedom of speech and and that's what we have to do we you know we wave the flag and we say that we're free and we need to be. We need you know t to say what we believe in this life. You know we shouldn't be crushed for it. Is there anything that you hold back in this show because the maybe that perception out there like I'm not ready to do. Maybe this or that or you just I mean you're unleashed initial. I I'm unleashed and that's you know I think if you're not you're limiting yourself as as a performer former and I think that's you know you know naming some of the grace that I did before when you look at Chapelle. He's letting his hands go to use a sports reference. I'll just dabbling sports for because I think this is a sports show. Forgive me for Dabbling in sports but he's letting his hands go because you know he's and that's when a performer was working on his highest level or when an athlete were gonNA size level you know when they're in the zone if you will if you're worried about how you're perceived you know at any given moment moment. You're going to get in your own way and you're not going to be in that zone. I think you know I'm I'm. All actors are frustrated athletes. You know I played high school. Football at five nine was a linebacker viciously mediocre. I could never make it but that you know that Dr in that that that work ethic that I had transferred over into into acting and and to stand up Jeremy Piven Saturday September twenty first performing at Cape playhouse at Hunter College area where you can get tickets. You WanNa tell people about the website or any anything like that. What is the website for one hundred dollars. Do we know you can go to Jeremy Piven DOT COM and Jeremy. Yep and and get tickets that way but you can also go to one hundred college website that I don't know at this exact moment but I know there's a you have a team of experts that can help all right very good so yeah check out. Jeremy PIVEN DOT COM for more dates in ticket Saturday September twenty first at Hunter College luck to you. Thank you. Thank you Jeremy Piven on the C._B._S. sports network..

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