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But he signed he got what was it four million to sign with? Yeah. So. Your wildest dreams. Would you give the money back because you decide you wanna play pro football? I don't know who have have another year of eligibility. He does OTT. Yeah. Okay. You're going to go. We got like eight years. He's not planning on going anywhere. What about LeBron though is he already a bit mad at his new teammates? Well. We're going to discuss. On the Lakers were visiting my home in Minnesota last night to play the wolves Baronne had a good all game twenty nine points, ten rebounds, seven assists. Once again, it came down to the wire for the Lakers. Lebron made a layup with just over a minute left to cut the lead to. But then kacoos Mont got a three point attempt blocked. The Lakers lost by four and that drop them to a disappointing two and five this season. Let's take a listen to. Yeah. A frustrated LeBron after the game, we gotta get better. We know that we talk about patients, but you know, we can't have recurrence of same thing. I think you doing the same things over and over and over and the different result. Then that's insanity. So we have to we have to continue to get better. You know, we can't keep having the same affects over and over. Patients this whole year points that patients run out, and what do you look like as a leader when your patients? You probably don't wanna be around. All right. One NBA analyst Chris Bruce are joining. Comments. I know he'd loving eating it up patience. Just ran out. All right. What are you making those comments? Well, first of all, I think it's good for LeBron to be frustrated if he were fine with this. Hey, we'll be right. You know, it's a long season. We. Young. Then a lot of people would be looking at him. Like see he didn't come here to play basketball came here to be in Hollywood. He came here to be a business mogul, he's retired and just playing out the string. So he's showing he still cares. Number one. Yes. Number two. The great ones are never patient. You remember Michael Jordan second year second year? They came back from foot injury playing eighteen games. The ownership and management wanted to sit him. So they didn't make the playoffs and get a better pig. Jordan was like no way when he was in Washington skip, you know, this and I was in that locker room many times players who grew up idolizing, Michael Jordan post on their wall. Great wins. Magic Johnson second or second or third year in the league when Paul west head wanted to do a different office that didn't let him play his game. He said it's him or it's me. Correct. And he got so it was it was so great was or not patient. I think LeBron is self aware noth- to know like I don't think he's pointing the finger at the players, Luke he understands he had he's played well, but not up to his standards. He missed the free throws against San Antonio. He made the turn over last night. I think he's self aware enough to know this is all of us right now. And finally, here's the thing. Lebron doesn't have the Trump card anymore in Cleveland. He always had the Trump card one year deals. I can split if I don't like what's going on. He's like them for four years. Shannon says he could just talk as way right out of Hollywood. If you wanted to you got. Got think you'll do it wouldn't be a good little. That's the thing. And we know the Brian his image and all that is important to him. It wouldn't be a good. Look, look if magic and rob Pelinka wants to let LeBron dictate things roster coach what they can. But they don't have to. They could be like, Pat Riley and say, this is the way we're doing it. And that's that because if LeBron acts up so doesn't play well, whatever that just makes him look bad. Right. And then you know, what I mean? And where he now he can't afford to like talk himself. I wanna leave the Lakers. He's pretty much the image that he's repaired the decision. He's got to repair that it's been such a long time with so far removed from that..

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