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You mentioned your wife, and I want to talk about your wife one. Because if you are a woman the first question somebody would ask you would have been about your husband or your other or whoever your partner? So they'll something she was saying. Because I I like your wife. She is popping your wife is black girl magic. So I just want you to tell me a little bit about how you all got married in December of two thousand seventeen if I'm correct, yes. We got married in December. Yeah. Since who tell me about your fabulous, pop and wife and why she was so important to US success. Yeah. So I met my wife in college, and we met she was a sophomore, and she was president of the black student union black girl magic. I was president NAACP and that was a senior, and we met planning a protests over the wrongful execution of Troy Davis. So we're in this meeting. She just like, I'm very practical senior year. My client is protests. Let's get out. We're going to do this. You got candles. You got this. These speaking you speaking, I got this. You got this very tactical and she said, well, wait, you're missing the point. She started crying and talked about how like this in our country. The state is executing a man who's mentally ill. And can we just pause flagged on that? I saw that passion that heart. Although, yeah, that's the one. So then we started dating like two months after. Got married. Six five years after that. And she's awesome. Because she is unapologetically like feminists and black and smart and just really pushes the like, she just. When she first moved to stock than people kept calm heritz heart in a pretty face. She to check people and say, no, I'm five beta Kappa graduate from Stanford online. Line my PHD from Cambridge as a gates scholar. Like, I'm just a smart little mayor. Man wish he is. And this. She also has been helping me really think about sort of how they'd be more explicitly feminist in the work we're doing so she led the first report on the status of women have Stockton. We looked us whatever how these different indicators would talking about Stockton neutral way by the impact women because women are fifty percent of our city. And through that we found issues with access to childcare issues with access to birth control health disparities thirty eight percent of our households are headed by single mothers and single single woman. And she's been a just just a voice on the lot of issues, particularly around education. But also ensuring that we have a feminist lens in discussions, we have whether it's run basic income or Ryan, poverty, and she just make sure like she's she's OCD knee, and I'm OCD messy. She makes our houses presentable. That I eat salads and stuff. Stay and what is your? What is your wife's whole name? I think America needs to hear it. Her name is Ana NTSB hyphen tubs Ana Antea sorry hyphen tabs. I had to ask him to say. Because I always Butch. The sl. It's amazing. I think it's important behind every gray man is even behind every great man is even greater woman. Probably a black woman during the real work pipe and him up and making sure that he is ready to go. We'll mayor I appreciate you for spending some time with us today where can folks find out more information about the work. That's going on in Stockton. Is there a website? We can go to for reinvent Stockton. Yes. You go to Michael de tubs dot com has all the suffer doing around the future work, basic income arts, wishing free college.

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