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He was a player went through a lot personally with his family and he is he's an outstanding guy so i'm glad that he had that opportunity but bruce but look we i've dealt with a ton of coaches in my time both in espn and and you're not gonna find a better guy there are guys who are equally as as nice and kind as bruce weber but he's a he's a wonderful guy and and someone i root for now from afar because it's nice to see him nice to see good people have success freed i'll asked the question i want you to answer this when we come back if a lot of fans right now watch weber in regret the changes that they made or if they would do everything the same as they've done i want you to answer that coming up next if you to weigh and talks and tournament with us three three two three seven seven six because we had a chance to talk to bruce weber we'll talk to get the gambling aspect a little after five o'clock five ten rivers in for weil waddling sylviane espn one thousand with me which team has helped themselves free agency i think that would definitely be the chicago bears let's talk to the brand new pair allen robinson you'll make a lot of hype you're watching it so i know it'd be continue with free agency and get ready for the trapped you guys picking with the pick of the draft are you trying to get me fired chicago's number one football station just get one thousand and the pieta two thousand eighteen is already shaping up to be one of the most exciting years for buying a home our phones haven't stopped raining with people trying.

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