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But what we're seeing and I believe we had this discussion that I felt like when buffalo took him. He was their version of Cam Newton. Meaning with Sean McDermott and Brandon beane were in Carolina. They went to the Super Bowl with Cam Newton flaws and all as a passer but because he was able to count to add a little running running as some rushing touchdowns mixing some throws on good days it worked. I think Josh Allen is giving you maybe the poor man's version of Cam doing his. MVP The season. And when you're looking at quarterbacks we always talk about what they can't do. I think more the time going forward has to be well. Here's what they can do. He can throw it a little bit. He can run it a little bit and if we put him in the right situation he can have success. That is going to be a big part of the conversation going forward than it ever has been in the quarterback evaluation and buck. We use the phrase. You know quarterback Cam by hi time and people think of that within play right you can buy time. You can extend place when you're an athletic quarterback you buy time from year to year because you allow yourself time to develop develop because while you're young. Use your legs. More as you're developing as a passer and look at Josh Allen. From last year last year he was fifty two point eight percent completion percentage this year. He's it's sixty sixty percent. That's that's a nice jump. Seven plus points He's jumped his time to grow and evolve grow and evolve. We've we've seen it with Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson made those improvements as a passer. But your legs keep you in ballgames. Help you win ballgames. Wow you're continuing to develop but I also think it's a mistake AAC and I'm not GonNa Trash College coaches but I do think that because of the time commitments and the restraint at the college level. I think there's more opportunity annuity for guys to improve passers than there's ever been before you know I agree with you look at impact look at him as mvp the league like he got so much better. These guys have an opportunity to get better. You've got to be able to see where these guys are going. Not just where they are so and I think we've talked about this this a couple of times in the evaluation process. You have to use your imagination. So it's not only a this is what he does. This is all you can do as an evaluator evaluator you have to imagine how can evolve. And how can we help him evolve in Baltimore and I don't know like no one ever know if they took all those tight ends specifically for Lamar Jackson or if they were for Joe Flacco but what has happened. The offense has evolved to the point right. They Lamar Jackson is very comfortable when you building the team and I've heard someone refer to. This is treat quarterbacks like baseball stadiums. You have have to build your team to win and given stadium. That's how you win in the major league. Baseball was the same thing with your quarterback. I think you talked about putting track team around around was Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen. Or maybe even both of Lamar or no China was John. Both of them actually got Josh Allen so so so you understand that look. They're limited so they're never we're going to be the. Tom Brady Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. So what you WanNa do you WanNa have explosive player so when they do throw it. They're throwing for junkyards so they may. The average high sevens eight yards per attempt. We asked him to throw it more than thirty times. But the volume is going to net out. Wow so rather than four forty times with six yard. Averages they'll throw it twenty three to twenty seven have big averages. More explosive plays because everyone is is crowd out in a box but to do that speed receivers big receivers run after catch guys having that. And so as an evaluator I just is believed team. Builders now would not only have to open up their minds creatively but they're going to have to open it up when they look at their team and say look. This isn't the way eight it. I envisioned my team. Maybe five years ago. But now because of the young quarterbacks and the way that they would develop over five years the first five years of his career career we may need these kind of athletes years five through ten. We may have to change our focus to help him because he's a different player that he was initially. Yeah look I believe with a young quarterback if you can start building inside out you know obviously try and get that offensive line and shape and now we've seen and you know with the ability used tight end zone easy. Throws they help you in the run game so if you're building inside out as a young player as you get older and we saw with Peyton manning was with some of the guys. He played with up front with the colts. You know once you've established yourself You can kind of cover up for some of the flaws upfront. And you can spend your money on some of the toys On the perimeter. Because you beat that you're GONNA be able to be pressure with your mind and these guys are all going to have an opportunity to get there but man when you're young. It's sure is nice to be able to have a good group in front of you and to be able to use. Your legs seems to me. That's the form of also think we don't lose sight of the fact buffalo has a great defense You Look at Baltimore's defense come on in Dallas. Dallas has a good defense at this allowing these young quarterbacks to really grow and then eventually you kind of take the training wheels off which we've seen with Dak Prescott this year. Yeah it is funny because like I believe is Sir correlation between all of the things when it comes to team building and complementary football. So what you've talked about early with the quarterbacks say young quarterback running running game will running. The ball helps your defense because you reduced the amount of snaps that they play so to build a team. It has to be a complete buy in and Tien meaning the way we play offense communist away that we play defense and vice versa. And so as we were building the team with a young quarterback it is important to understand. Okay we got a young quarterback on the rookie deal so when we spend the money we may need to spend more money on defense offense Olin tied ins and then the rest of the team will kinda grow and catch up to him as he gets older. It's a great point book I I think that's Again I I always contended. There's no such thing as the right plan on the wrong plan. There's having a plan and not having a plan and I think we're seeing what these teams that are. Having success. They had a plan in place once. They selected the quarterback and they've built a thing accordingly and it's Look it's working. We're seeing a lot of success with guys Speaking of quarterbacks let's get to our conversation in our guest here Really been looking forward to this one One of the one of the really outstanding broadcasters for a long time on television also find align quarterback obviously. Here's our conversation with boomer Esiason boomer thank you so much for for taking the time for us today. We're actually talking about quarterbacks kind of taken that leap appear to and in your in your career guy your second year was outstanding. What what was the difference for you coming into that second season? Well guys my rookie year. I had no idea what I was doing. I was with Sam. Why should we are running the West Coast offense that Bill Walsh devised and you know the the play calls the personnel personnel groupings? Trying to describe the defense what the defense was doing the pass protection run checks. There was just so much to learn and I had no idea what I was doing. We know I was lucky. Our quarterback room also had Kenny Anderson in it and Turkish owner In and Bruce Kozel was our offense coordinator so I I had four guys around me. That really prepared me. But the next year It's almost like a light went off and I think my first start was against the San Diego chargers and Dan Powell and I think that game. We scored forty one point zero forty two points and I'll never forget Paul Brown saying to the after the game the owner of the team in the form of great coach. Of course the browns. And the Bengals said your guy you're the future of the franchise and it was almost like My brain was on lockdown. Act and I started to understand exactly what was happening to make boomer. I do wonder how it is for. You sometimes sit and watch all of these guys playing saying no huddle UPTEMPO offense when the Cincinnati Bengals were one of the guys they were the front end of doing. Can you talk about the advantages of playing fast where there is no hotel or even the stuff that you guys just to do back in the day you know. It's kind of interesting back in eighty five. Sam Roy started. Put More my plate and and They were asking me to do more. At the line of scrimmage more descriptive words and I mean we had a whole language all into ourselves so The more four. I can handle the more he would put in and I just wanted more. I my thirst for knowledge and control and to be tie personality on the field and tell ten and guys with the do over eighty thousand people screaming at us. I mean it was not that was such a rush each and every week so I I truly appreciated the the pressure that came along with that had an and I loved the fact that I was in charge. Pretty much at the line of scrimmage and I could change to any play as long as I had the corresponding personnel groups and past protections and things like that all kind of thing which I did and as we move through You know the mid eighties all the way until the super bowl and eighty eight You knows just it was so it was great to be in control of all of that. So interestingly enough for me when I went back to Cincinnati my final year nineteen ninety-seven and Bruce Haslett. Cosworth was my head. Coaching Kenny Anderson was our offense coordinator. We didn't run the no huddle but we ran an UPTEMPO offense that to this day the NFL still hasn't enchaine. Because I don't really necessarily know anybody could truly understand what we were doing in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven last five games of that year. And I'll never forget playing hanging Tom Kaufman when he was with the Jaguars. And Jeff Issoire is tied. Both of the coaches came up to me after the game..

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