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It's ikea on our forget when i graduated from harvard business school and then someone raises a hand in international students says the professor great a graduate of harvard business come gone out in the white which i do and you could see this person was just amp like they just had twenty five rebels in the the professor who is also the associate dean said um nothing and he was like what do you mean i'm like ready and he said just just let it merrin it for a minute right you have all these ideas we filled you with all this stuff it's all there but you don't have to call on it all day one and you don't you don't have to go to these seminars and come back and revamp your whole company so i would say just take it in let it let it marinade and then just take action because i think analysis paralysis overcomes a lot of us you can read this and have it all annotated and do all this and that but then if you just sit there and nobody he said you that i mean a lot of things we said in there are like it's a judgment call right it's like things there's there's a balance or bar about to almost everything we say in there and we can't possibly give you prescriptive things for most things it's about your judgments were just trying to give you some things that have worked in our experience and different things so announces paralysis and then i really believe that were in the age of like if you think you're kind of treading water your probably moving backwards so just keep taking steps leftfoot right foot proverbially and take solace in the fact that you definitely do not have to get every decision right just have to not get it so wrong that it syncs anything so just take and being smart about the big decisions and making any decision for a lot of the things that probably soon portent better.

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