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If this has been an actual emergency and official message would have followed the alert tone, the station serves the New York City area. This concludes this test of the emergency alert system. Coming up after the news at this month's world book club today, it will king with the bestselling British author. Joe Joe Moi's about a wildly popular novel me before you knew is a small town girl in need of a job will is a successful high-powered city. Trader who folding an accident is paralyzed from the neck down. Decides he doesn't want to go on living. Zoo is hot for six months to be bills can take will support and Trump together by circumstances. The to get off to a rookie stopped. But Lou is determined to prove that life is worth living unless they embark on a series of adventures together. Each finds the world changing ways. Neither of them could have been mentioned both book club with writer. Joe Joe boys often? Hello. I'm David Hunt. With the BBC news. President Trump has used his annual state of the union speech to appeal for compromise in Washington to tackle illegal immigration and build his border wall. He called for action to tackle drug smugglers. And people traffic is on the border lean bul in Washington. Listen to Mr. Trump's speech, don't Trump's very statesmanlike message to open his address was the US politicians of all persuasions have to work together. We must reject the politics of revenge resistance and retribution and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation compromise and the common good. Striking site in the house chamber as the president gave his speech, the democratic congresswoman will wearing the white of the suffragette movement. As a message, there'd be no rolling back of women's rights under their watch. They sat through a list of the president's economic achievements. Many grimaced as he took his first big swipe at his opponents an economic miracle is taking place in the United States. And the only thing that can stop it. Our fluish wars politics or ridiculous partisan investigations a reference to Robert Mueller's Russia probe and so after talking in conciliatory terms, the president went on to focus on the very thing that a cost so much political division in recent weeks immigration and his plans for a border wall for the Democrats have been so vehemently against him building. Simply put walls work at walls. Save lives. The row over border wall. Just led to the longest government shutdown US history shutdown. The president didn't mention the speech that lasted an hour and a half responding to President Trump's address on behalf of the Democrats. Stacey Abrams attacked his administration for the hardships faced by millions of Americans MS Abrahams seen as a rising star. In her party said many people were losing jobs under President Trump and called for tougher gun safety laws, but she said despite their disagreements she wanted the president to succeed, even as I am very disappointed by the president's approach to our problems. I still don't want him to fail, but we need him to tell the truth. And to respect his duties and respect the extraordinary diversity that defines America on foreign policy. Mr. Trump announced that he would be holding a second summit with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN at the end of February in Vietnam. Mr. Trump said if he hadn't been elected he believes the United States would now be involved in a major war with North Korea. He said much work remains to be done in tackling the North's nuclear program, but his relationship with Mr Kim was a good one. You're listening to the latest world news from the BBC. President Trump used his annual speech to welcome. What he said had been constructive. US talks held recently on Afghanistan, including with the Taliban. Now, a senior official in the Taliban. He's led the negotiations has told the BBC the group does not want to take control of Afghanistan through force, but Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanikzai said the group would not declare a ceasefire unless into until international forces have been withdrawn seconda Kamani reports until recently she Hamad Avas Stanic was the head of the Taliban's political office in Qatar and remains a senior figure in the group. He said peace with more difficult than war. But he was hopeful the seventeen year old conflict in Afghanistan could be brought to an end during a discussion with Afghan opposition figures in Moscow. He said, the Taliban weren't seeking a monopoly of power, but the creation of an inclusive Islamic system under the Taliban's ultra-conservative regime in the nineteen ninety s goes with deny. Education. Mr. Stanikzai said they would respect women's freedoms NATO Member States that you to sign agreements in Brussels today to make Macedonia the thirtieth member of the military alliance. The former Yugoslav Republic should eventually enter under its new name north Macedonia Greece, which has long blocked its neighbors membership because of that dispute over the name is expected to become the first country to ratify the accession. The former president of Costa Rica and Nobel prize laureate. Oscar Arias has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman at his home in the capital San Jose for years ago. Mr Arias has categorically denied the accusations efforts to save Sumatran Tigers from extinction have been boosted by the birth of three cubs at a zoo in Australia. Keep his at Taronga zoo in Sydney say the cubs two females and one male are doing well since nineteen eighty twenty one Tigers have been born at Teranga zoo. BBC news. Hello. This is the BBC World Service. I'm Harry Gobert. Welcome to world book club where this month. We've been reading an internationally bestselling love story won that ask some hard questions about what choices we have. Should we ever feel? Our life's become unbearable. The novel is called me before you and here to answer questions about it from an invited audience and BBC listeners around the world is it's a ward winning English author. Joe moyes? Joke. Welcome to world book club. Thank you for having me. I read something quite mystifying the other day, which is that when you're relaxing from writing you get up mount your ex racehorse and go for a ride, and I thought this is most peculiar because the only thing I know about race horses is that you can start them easily enough, but it's absolutely impossible to stop them, which doesn't sound very relaxing. But he only has to he he's actually just passed away. Unfortunately, but he has to speeds which was stop-and-go, but an also very small brain. So I quite enjoyed the fact that when I was on him. I couldn't actually think about anything else other than surviving it, which meant that. I actually got a break from thinking about writing. Well, obviously, I am very glad you did survive. And so must be Joe. Joe's worldwide army of fans, they devour her novels in forty four languages and must be delighted that the most recent still me is out this month in paperback. But of all Joe, Joe Moses novels me before you is as yet the highest selling. It's the story of a young woman called Lou who's rather sleep walking through her life working as a waitress wanting nothing more went to her horror the tee shot where she works is forced to close down the only remotely attractive, jawbone off resist the companion to a quadriplegic man who was the result of an accident. Can now move little more than his head. She has no relevant experience. Lou takes the job. She can't afford not to. But the pair couldn't be less compatible in his previous life. How patient will was non bishops successful financier whose leisure pursuits involved climbing mountains and jumping out of airplanes now trapped humiliated dependent on others for anything and everything is furious at the world and wants only to die. Can Lou as Will's mother frantically hopes help the young see the life, though, quite different from the one. He had before is still worth living. Well to begin with things don't look promising. And Joe Joe moist. Would you read from me before you the moment when Lou and will I meet, and we'll decides to play up to what he suspects new imagines and is reading he's going to be like. Yes. In the center of the room stood a black wheelchair its seat and back cushioned by sheepskin. A solidly built man in white colorless, scrubs was crouching adjusting man's feet on the foot rest of the wheelchair. As we stepped into the room man in the wheelchair looked up from under shaggy, unkempt hair, his eyes met mine and after pause, he let out a blood curdling grown, then his mouth twisted, and he let out another unearthly cry. I felt his mother stiffen will stop it. He didn't even glance towards her. Another prehistoric sound emerged from somewhere near his chest. It was a terrible agonizing noise. I tried not to flinch. The man was grimacing his head tilted and sunken his shoulders as he stared me through contorted features. He looked grotesque and vaguely angry. I realized that where I held my back my knuckles who turned white. Well, please there was a faint note of hysteria in his mother's voice. Please don't don't do this. God. I thought I'm not up to this. This. I swallowed hard. The man was still staring at me. He seemed to be waiting for me to do something. I'm Lou my voice uncharacteristically tremolos broke into the silence. I wondered briefly whether to hold out a hand. And then remembering that he wouldn't be able to take it gave a feeble wave instead. Louisa then to my astonishment. His features cleared and his head straightened on his shoulders. Will train a gazed at me steadily the faintest of smiles flickering across his face. Good morning. Miss clark. He said, I hate y'all. My latest minder. Josiah voice. Thank you very much. And there begins a very difficult relationship. We have a first question for you. Now about me before you it's from Texas in the USA. It's from Sharon will Fong and Sharon's on the phone now to ask Sharon. Hi. Your question for Joe. Yes. Thank you for taking my call. I just found that very fascinating about contract. In his relationship with the young girl. I'm curious where did you get the idea about writing about a quadriplegic the idea actually came from a new story that I heard when I was driving my children home from school one day. I think back in two thousand and eight two thousand nine and it was a story of a young rugby player a young man in his twenty s who had been left quadriplegic after an accident on the rugby pitch and several years later had persuaded his parents to take him to dignitaries the center for assisted suicide in Switzerland. And I I was so shocked I couldn't get this story out of my head. And I think I was shocked on a number of levels. But mostly because as a parent couldn't understand under. What circumstances you would agree to help end your own child's life? Am I suppose because we always judge the mother I was sort of felt very judgmental about this woman as well. This unknown woman. I couldn't understand why she would agree to it. And because I'm an ex journalist. I if I don't understand something. You have to read more about it. And the more I read up about this families circumstance, the more. I realized that this was not the black and white issue that my brain wanted it to be and that. This man story was was complicated. It was to do with his very own strong will and by a bizarre coincidence as an advisor to the film that was later made of the book, we had a woman who had worked with this rugby player at stoke Mandeville hospital, and she told me that and she she has many many years experience of really changing people's lives..

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