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The Lancaster family at a core and use and you see the dynamic play out in ways that are at hurts because Taiwan Tyrian Jimmy loves his family. He loves Linister name. He. He has spent his entire life trying to support it. He spent all this show fighting to preserve his family and his family is offering a sacrificial lamb and the sequence where Tyrian says I'm on trial for being a dwarf. It is made my favorite moment in the entire series is because I a lot truth in that moment, and there's a lot of of him as even being coming through the ice because as a little person in modern world, you know, he's he is facing same frigging things that Tirr Lancers facing. And that's a shame as hard and and having him acted out here, really hits heart. But I looking at restless list, I think I'm okay, cutting this one. Yeah, I agree. The only other one that I would maybe make an argument for is season. One episode one the pilot winter is coming just because of the way that it sets the stage for everything you get that great introduction to Ned teaching his kids, you, you know, talk. About having to be the one who swings the sword. And actually carries out the execution. You know, establishing this guy who think is going to be the grant here of this whole story. You've got the the establishment of so many, different dynamics. And and, you know, little pieces of mythology and just like the geography of everything, you know, like how this how this world is so much bigger than you think it is from the start you've got the sarus, and Danny, you know, you've got the the meeting of drug of culture, cultural go for the first time, you've got I mean, the the very end to like that's arguably one of the more memorable moments of the series where Jamie pushes brand out of the window at at winter fell. So I think case could be made for that. But I don't know. Okay. So with all of this said Jacob what do we have so far? What do you think is locked in? What do you think we still need to battle it out to all right out? There are six episodes. We both have on our list. So I think they'd be locked in. And those are the door. The winds of winter blackwater, the spoils of war hard home the reins of cast Amir. Based on our reactions to each other. I think the children and you win or you die. She'd been us list as well. I think that makes sense. So what does that eight that's eight those to my little document here. So the question now is what goes in the last few slots? I might never want is still alive lion in the rose. So if you put lie in the rose on this list, you can put anything Murless on the top thing. We can call it a day holiday. I feel like it because it's your number when it has to go on the list, and I think most of mine have gotten on there. Now. The only thing is I wonder if the mountain and the viper should go or. I guess we're going to have that conversation momentarily soon as we start talking about the moments, but. Man. I would still I think I would still make the case for the mountain and the viper. Just because of the the obviously the the fight is so memorable. But what I said before like, the aria and the.

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