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I at least a dress it very up very early on by saying I wanna have kids, but I just don't want to have them for five plus years. Yeah. I think if you're dating someone even after two months, I don't think the question is really that unfair to ask for to be. Two seconds end dude shut walk out from this date. I mean that's fair to I guess it all depends on where you're at in life. I mean, if you're someone who's ready to get married tomorrow and have kids insure, of course, you can ask on the first date, but that might scare dude away. If you ask them on the first date, I would give at least maybe a few days get to know each other really think that this could go somewhere, and then maybe bring up the future. We'll so so right now, we have Sadie Mary on hold who we know a little bit about she's been on the bachelor before season nine which was prince Lorenzo don't even pronounce. Prince is it bottom board Borghese while we asked. This case is he's a fan is a bogus. See it's. Anyways, she has been a guest. She was maybe the original bachelor virgin from wrong on that. But. We want to gather her inside a little bit. Because that's obviously any type of insight can help you out with your with your quest as well. So let's jump over to Sadie Murray. If she is on the lines eighty are you there? Now, are you? Hey sadie. How are you? Guys are fantastic. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today. So you're joined with Jared, Vanessa and dean and. Just want to take over while. I was gonna say so say just to give a little background till now say you were on season nine of the bachelor, and that was back in two thousand seven two thousand eight I know there weren't even katie's then. There were definitely TV's. They were just black and white. I'm completely teasing. And so safety. Interesting fact about which I did not know in obviously is pretty relevant with this current season of the bachelor was that you. Were very open about your virginity on the show back. Then. Wow. I grow that. Actually, like, I guess come out and talk about it. I was oh, gee, I pave the way for virgin CD. How old were you on your on the show? I was twenty four at the time. So and I honestly though you guys like I'm sure we've all talked about this before. But like, you think when you're talking about one thing, you don't think it's going to be used over and over and over again, I mean there were so many other things that I talked about. And that was that was definitely a jogger for me. When I mean, honestly, I remember watching the premiere with all of my friends and family, and like it would just like there were so many silences like there was not another wine in the room to make anyone comfortable too. Right. I mean. Yeah. I mean, I was raised Christian. And that was definitely, you know, a part of my upbringing. And so it wasn't abnormally as far as, you know, the friends that I I can't the time. But I think the just the emphasis on it was definitely a surprise for sure. Can you jump into your experience or you're doing I guess post show, then what kind of happen to you after and kind of Phyllis in on everything that we might have missed. So I I love being on camera. I was NPR before. And I was behind the scenes during fashion and beauty lifestyle pitching for.

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