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Mickey Burgers in a Rip ox 60 with this Thursday's bringing this about Mickey Hey, J T. We're looking at a decent chance of rainfall. That's what this Thursday's bringing it about A 60% chance of showers with highs today near about 92 degrees. Tonight we're down to 73. Most of those showers go away with the loss of eating and another day tomorrow with a decent range chance. We're up to 70% chance of rain on Friday with highs in the upper eighties and then it looks like we started to dry out a little bit as we get in For the weekend and going into next week from Wkrc First Alert Weather Center I'm Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's Morning and right now partly cloudy 75 NewsRadio 1055 W It is 6 50 to Alabama's morning news. I'm J T, continuing our conversation with financial planner Ryan Mack and biblical principles on finances for us going through these tough financial times. No doubt about that. Ryan. I did want to ask you specifically for listeners right now, whether or not there have been furloughed or not, And even if they still have their job, you know people have been struggling with finances. Can't seem to always get it right. Always behind the eight balls. You know, something's always upside down. It seems Let's give some specific advice for those folks. Why don't we start with those that are going through tougher times? In some as Faras furloughs are being laid off for salary reductions.

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