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I'm Amy King. My from the K. If I 24 hour news room, a man has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the attack of Jewish people outside a restaurant in Beverly Grove, the U. S Marshal Service says the man was arrested last night at his home in L. A. It was allegedly allegedly part of a group of pro Palestinians who assaulted and beat up some Jewish people having dinner Tuesday night after a large protest in support of Palestinian rights. Organizer's trying to recall the L. A County D A says crime is going up because of George Gas cones radical pro criminal agenda. Recall spokeswoman Deseret and draw Day says her son was beat to death and his body was dumped off a cliff. They are possibly going to be out on the streets and 20 years. That is scary and to know that they took a life and they're just getting slapped on the hand for what they have done. More than a dozen city councils in L. A county of past votes of no confidence against Gascogne. The Gascogne can campaign says there is no connection between Maurin Carp, incarceration and more safety. The petition must gather more than a half million signatures by October to qualify for the ballot in 2022. The fire burning in Pacific Palisades is almost out The fire that started May 14th is now 84% contained about 1200 acres have been burned. Ah 48 year old homeless man has been arrested for Ellen. Diddly starting the fire. Anna has become the first named storm of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. Tropical Storm Anna has formed in the Atlantic this morning. For the seventh year in a row. There has been a named storm formed prior to the official start of hurricane season, which is June 1st, California will be going into the most least restrictive cove in 19 phase. June 15th. Dr. Mark Galley from the Health and Human Services Agency says the number of people allowed in a business will go away capacity limitations are no longer going to Be part of the beyond the blueprint. We will not have capacity limitations. Physical distancing there will no longer be restrictions for attendees, customers and guests in business sectors. Kelly says. If more than 5000 people gather indoors, they should either have a recent negative test or be fully vaccinated from throwing away my shot running away just like advantageous theaters, helping the return of the musical Hamilton will encourage people to get a cove in 19 vaccine. The theater is hosting a pop up vaccination clinic from 11 to 6. Today, everyone who gets a shot.

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