President Trump Michael Cohen, Congress, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


H news time is one one. Our top story. There are three big stories today. Former lawyer for President Trump Michael Cohen testifying before congress is one of them calling was asked why he flipped on the president Helsinki. Charlottesville. Watching the daily destruction of our civility to one another. Putting up silly things. Like this really unbecoming of congress. It's that sort of behaviour. That I'm responsible a second. Big story. This afternoon is a case going before the supreme court. They are hearing oral arguments today. It's a closely watched religion case out of Maryland, it issue, a forty foot cross shaped war memorial on public land. This was billed almost one hundred years ago as a memorial to area residents who died in World War One. Eric Baxter's VP senior counsel at the Becket fund for religious. Liberty is ordering the cross down sends a bad message challenging these. And it's tearing them down would send a message hostile to religious believer sounding like the justices are going to allow the cross to stay up, but shying away from a sweeping ruling on the subject across his challenger say it is a violation of the first amendment's ban on establishing state religion. And then the third story is President Trump's summit in Vietnam. What's North Korea's Kim Jong Hoon? They held a press conference this morning. Very busy day tomorrow. Probably pretty quick dinner. Of things are going to be open. It'll lead to wonderful really wonderful. They're on the other side of the planet. So.

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