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Technology advisor today students cross the country are taught what to do in case of an active shooter situation, avoid barricade and hide and as a last resort confront the shooter. But to school shootings in as many weeks where the students who confronted the shooter were killed prompting officials to question this practice or wonder at the very least should the risk of doing. So be discussed. It's a story by Wall Street Journal education reporter, tonal Hobbs, tone, L what's up here. You know in the last several years more schools have been teaching students to counter the shooter basically to fight back if necessary or if an opportunity permit instead of just hiding after these two deaths of this month in shootings students doing just that fighting back has some school officials and experts talking to wondering if this is the best met, that's method. You wonder too? I mean training only goes so far right sometimes students just willing to do it or want to do it or feel compelled to do it regardless of of what training says Tino high run for their their instincts say go get the shooter. Exactly. And that's one of the parents in the Colorado shooting last week. That's what he said. He believed it, you know, the student the student died trying to counter one of the shooter's he said, it was just an unconscious active bravery, how many students actually might you know, might admit that boy thank goodness had the train. Inning, right. Because so much panic has to set in. How do you how do you begin to recall? I don't know how many hours you spend doing a course on training or whatever. And the students are trained, you know that. Permits you know, you or your laptop do whatever. And in basically, you know, a group of you guys jump on the shooter because it's harder to fi- a group of kids. I mean, they do spend, you know, a decent amount of time letting students show that that's an option whereas in the past, you know, it was kind of you know, down in early stay hidden and our site. So, you know, in talking to students definitely in their mind when something like this happens, what are some of the professionals saying here in the wake of what happened in Greensboro? And then highlands ranch. You know, and that's the thing. Kind of split. I mean, people that will obviously some of the experts sat trying to do this. They think the way to go. I mean, you know, like, they said it it it is just a popular decision. But an example, they use is, unfortunately, you might have a student get killed or you could have a whole classroom students and their desk get killed, and you know, one of the experts that he actually is founder of the Alice program. And his name is Craig crane. And you know, that's pretty much what he said he said he could sit there and become victims. Or you know, they can do something to become a hero. But then on the other you have some experts those co-official saying, I don't think we want to create a generation of martyr sear speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter toenail Hobbs, she covers education issues, and she's written a piece entitled schools question, whether they should keep teaching students to confront shooters. Are you mentioned the the Alice training method, which is an acronym? Explain what that stands for the the alert basically tell so one when you become aware of threat. You know, the L is lockdown they want you to evacuate. If if he can. But if not to be are paid, you know, the entry points into the room, inform, that's mainly for the I is informs mainly for employees in school safety officers to communicate information on where the shooter might be because its students. No or people. Oh that the shooter's running into school that might give them an opportunity to escape at the other end. And then to see is the counter the counters the most contentious part of it because that part of it what she did strike shooter enough where it will mess up the shooter's ability to aim accurately and that kid Intel, laptops, and then if if you can't escape, you know, after you throw all the stuff to shooter, then you know, they call it for the shooter. Everybody jump on the shooter and in the evacuated just get out to a safe area. Now, they are trained in students feel comfortable to break out a window on the pastors students to said, oh, I couldn't get out the windows. Locked trading to break out the window or whatever you have to do to Tiv accurate if you can toenail tonal Hobbs, Wall Street Journal education reporter, twenty minutes now in front of the hour on This Morning, America's first news. If this were just any door. And this just any ignition connected to just any transmission. Just any vehicle the perhaps it would be okay to buy it from just.

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