Assistant Director, Stony Brook University, Wardle discussed on The Policy Scout - 07 - The Ultimate Skeptic's Guide to Fake News


Now that we know why let's explore how how is it that fake news is created how does it spread and how did it come to exist in the first place to accomplish this i turn to a person whose name kept popping up again and again in my research he seemed to be the go to expert on addressing and dealing with fake news doctor jonathan ends alone is the assistant director of the center for news literacy and a lecture for the school of journalism at stony brook university i asked him to help us define and described fake news sounds like a no brainer but it's not we went to use claire ward oil of first draft news wrote very useful piece in which she identified seven different kinds of misinformation and disinformation from satire to outright fabrication and we usually clutch fake news into three categories that usually overlap using clear wardle's definition one is fabricated content which is something just completely made up like that there were thousands of bernie sanders ballots found in a in a cleveland warehouse not in with cocked it out of thin air and asked office news that's probably the easiest to spot though it's not always easy then there's something that's a little more subtle sometimes which is manipulated content where it's based on real events or is a german of truth in it but then it's manipulated in such a way that it can be identified as fake or certainly extremely misleading for example there was.

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