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The internet and we want to know do you think this is weird wrong behavior you're gonna feel passionately a couple does not sleep on the same side of the bed every night that makes no sense they go to bed hi who does that and sometimes one sleeps on one side sometimes the other wants to sleep by the window to and joy the fresh air the mix it up every night they have no idea what side of the bed sleeping on a lot of times typically yeah not to be and nowadays stereo type okay I'm the man sleeps where he can he's the first one to get attacked and robbed right you know say the door on not in my house buy a Cajun I don't I sleep Carol protects me phone also she gets up fifteen times a night to go to the bathroom so she sleeps closest to the side that's closest to the door but what's the closest to the bathroom so if you are looking at the bed standing at the foot of the bed looking at it I sleep on the right hand side I sleep on the left hand side it but are you sleeping yes so that would make landing understanding about now if you're laying it lying in the bed on the right side of the bed okay if you're lying in the bed I am on the left hand and what about you make is Matt hold that so on top of you I actually sleep closest to the door it what's I've heard that same thing if you're looking at the bed it's the right side like Katie we I sleep on the right side we all sleep on the right side the man well I met no mats left side because he says we are facing that you're facing that lets you know when you're writing about these are the bad that's when you that's how you judge it yeah so dear it's on the left side no I left it on the right side of the bed yeah you go if you're facing the bad is the left yes yes we have a we are more girly sound yeah I am I get up a couple times a night I still have to be closest to the bathroom yeah and what time what I know that I change it up on my husband and I called me out immediately for and it what he was right I didn't want to get up in the middle of the night with the kids crawled into his side of the bed which is on the inner part of the room so you have to go all the way around the bed to go you know to walk out the door that's what you're doing is how did you sleep Katie how do I sleep that night yes I yeah I I it's not comfortable I mean there's lots of things that we call and is do I need to go to church you better not go to new churches and some P. without asking really yeah there's I mean if you go to a church that people go to every week not like words I don't know if some herbs might be will be different there are families that are sitting in that pew and that's where they said and that's it is I just don red wine it's an honor now if you do not cost anything but it's not like you'll see other family walking by someone in my seat so how do you suppose to sit when you first walk into a new church you don't that's my guy and I we just switch with same religion but different church and we're like I don't know so we kind of went to the back well because we were moving church based on where you live high school history at their way through everybody sets we demand by me no one set there is it's unwritten rule but like you go there in the same people said the same place every week is that like that in your after this church on a friend's or Methodist Waller where they don't have they don't have multiple meetings it's like they're meeting from nine to ten or whatever every week thank you so much I grew up going to a Methodist church and my family's Hugh was the same so much so that my grandmother would leave a pillow for her back in her seat right now did not sit in that to you because that's where that's where my nana or I'd is one service yeah I think it's common one service yeah house one another yelp complain it says that it's just like on a call early lay on the server side of the bed you here's my thing here when you went to your other new new warder new church location yeah location for the latter day saints yeah he's is very boring you'll get it one day yeah but how do you if some let's say that church is very popular all the good cues are taking up and then you move it that means you're gonna have to be getting in the back you're at where your family dies I can only tell that you stand yeah I don't like less evidence therefore now stupid now I mean are they moved to Los feel I mean people whose only or is it a mad dash the back I was like I think next week we can price it on that side the pews seems pretty open that's weird that you feel that way Jerry because you have no problem parking in my parking space outside there's no parking parking there is no there is for church I guess on spoken got little okay you're not get away with a great veterans parking spot right one time that is rob I agree with Kate thank you I love the blue yeah everybody ninety percent of the people park here in the same same spot ninety percent of the right and then all of a sudden yeah I'm like you know big your do it too once you once in a while this rate is already in Iraq and chases park is so high that I thought he parked in a handicapped well I park in the same spot and I have been for fifteen years I have spent fifty dollar not it's not handicap when somebody takes my spot like huge jerit now then I go I'm going in the handicapped spot and the reason why do that for one thing is we have a fenced in lot and there's nobody that needs that spot that's handicap that we write that they're just in case there is except when Josie usually has or injuries Brad Thursday like right that is true which is ninety percent of the time I can walk there the other day I we walked out of the building at the same time and I noticed that Jarod parked his car over on the side like over where the owner of the radio station will park sometimes I thought yes we it's fun the change it up when it rains you parking spot Chasen's we just established that are handicapped spot no I park on the other side but you rain yeah through it you just like on a whim I do on a whim sometimes I'm gonna park on the come around this way yeah the first ones here it since the whole rest of the office what to do now thank you get all bent out of shape when somebody sits in your is it's like the on not sure about is like that yeah there my what I think we should do going back to the resort which I just was thinking we should all tested out and switch spot without saying anything well that now that would be an argument with me Carol okay on the back I'll tell her Hey let's just see what it feels like to see if we get it what if all of a sudden this couple is doing it gets a better night same right by maybe using every night also if you're just joining us it is a couple whose causing mass chaos on the internet people are like what the actual is going on they don't this couple goes to bed every night and they do not know what side of the bed they're going to be sleeping on a change it up every night seems crazy to me well if you go on that side you like sinking wait it's a hundred percent back and I had the kind.

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